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My dear Friends, Well I promised a gift on Durgapuja but was so stuck with lazing around. that I totally duped you of that gift compensated with the first copies of. Agnishatdal and Agnijaat reprimanded myself and was mulling over the. gift when Casie Blevins showed up out of the blue She kidnapped me for. her horrorimo in her blog http writerdiefiction wordpress com. Check out her blog for her brilliant works and the super fantastic. prompts she gave I repainted my works from her works to avoid. copyright issues Here are the one I wrote for her, Do let me know what you think of them you know my addresses. Agnishatdal hotmail com and Agnijaat hotmail com,Sharmishtha Basu. 31 10 2016, A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. Creepy Clown, Ginnie is scared of a clown Mitali rolled her eyes and squealed standing at the door.
Stop it Mitu Her mother said You were scared of, Moooom Mitali s loud protest stopped her from finishing her sentence. A soft sound woke Gina up late at night,screech screech. She opened her eyes and looked around then her eyes fell on the clown sitting in the corner her birthday. gift It was swaying from side to side, She turned on the light It stopped Stared at her with those horrid eyes that too red mouth looked soaked in. She grabbed her pillow towel and covered its face But that was not enough she lifted it and tiptoed to her. sister s room she was lying on the bed snoring softly. She placed the clown on her chair and ran back to her room bolted it from inside and kept the light on. Mitali was having a fun dream about her upcoming birthday party She was opening the biggest gift it was. almost as tall as a child six or seven years old, It was the same clown that Gina got on her birthday only bigger. She woke up, The clown was lying by her on her bed it winked when their eyes met.
A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. He knew it was a bad idea To follow those drunkards as they went Ghost hunting in the most haunted. house of the small town, It was a small house they pried open one of the windows and he was the first one to enter it suddenly the. window slammed close behind him missing his heel by an inch. Let me out he banged on the window repeatedly He could hear their mumblings as they walked away. Will they return he wondered, He sat down on the thick layer of dust on the floor Praying that it was not haunted Not in reality Suddenly. he heard footsteps echoing in another room He did not hear anyone else entering the house was someone. already in there, Then it appeared at the door A grayish disfigured creature Anyone but a blind will know that it was not. living He felt like fainting, It reached him in two moves He could see it choking the life out of him or doing something far more. horrible But instead of that it settled down on the dirt. It bared its mouth he could see there was no tongue in there Then it started to write in Telugu his mother. Help me it wrote,How he asked, My body is buried in the basement of this house I have tried to tell that to so many people but they all run.
away when they see me It wrote,Show me he said, The ghost took him down the stairs and showed him the spot where he was buried and gave him his name. family address,Then disappeared, He heard a ruckus upstairs His drunk friends were back with night patrolman. He tried to contact the wife of the ghost but she was dead died years ago His son came to claim his father s. body and performed his final rituals, That night he was sleeping in his bed when something woke him up A young man in his thirties was. standing by his bed,Thank you he said before vanishing. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. New Neighbour, She pulled the scarf around her ear and tied the knot happy that she brought it when she stepped out for.
evening walk It was late but there was no reason to be afraid. The security was top notch in their gated community The light caught her attention new neighbors Right. across her flat and she did not even noticed them moving in. Must have happened when she was out for shopping these days packers and movers are highly efficient and. professional so if they delivered the things in two hours and left before she returned there was no reason to. be surprised Or the family has arrived first and are waiting for their stuffs. She lifted her head when she was walking past the house and her heart stopped beating Was that a human. being looking down from the window, His face seemed like a porcelain mask eyes she could not see them clearly because he had his back turned. towards the light but they did not appeared to be present behind that mask. She had a feeling that if he removed that mask there won t be anything behind it She shook her head to. ensure that she was actually awake and outside walking not dreaming and then looked back again after. mustering all her courage the room was dark there was no one at the window. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. She strained her ears Did she leave them behind She saw them entering the woods right after her The. woods were not exactly the place where one could hide filled with young trees no bushes or undergrowth. at all Everything was covered in snow to further help hunters. She tried to hide behind those young trees anyways hoping they wont start shooting. Get her was the shout she has heard when she ran into the woods She saw everything. Then the crunching of their feet on the gravels as they sprinted across the backyard into the woods leaving. behind the dead body of the young man they shot right in front of her eyes. She was minding her own business she was hungry So she was checking out the neighbourhood for any. unguarded henhouse or easily accessible one, The shot startled her and her eyes fell on the group of hoodies the body lying at their feet and it was her. sheer dumb luck that one of them looked at her and the chase began. Where did that go She heard one of them shouting from a little distance. She went deeper into the woods but they were hell bent to get her Soon darkness started to gather and she. lifted her head the stars were shining in the woods she howled. Come my friends there is a pack of food for all of us she said. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. click click click, He opened his eyes What the What the hell was making that sound. He turned on the bedside lamp it almost exploded before going dark In that brief flash of light he saw her. crouching on the floor about to strike, It was not a human its hands were like the claws of some lobster or sea creature its hair was matted. clinging to its skull the small tattered frock clinging to its body was an exact replica of his last victim. The young woman he trapped with his stunning looks and tortured to death in his little cabin in woods He. buried her with his own hands left a branch of wildflowers on the grave She was so pretty and innocent. just like those flowers, A hissing sound told him he saw the thing alright he tried to turn on the other bedside lamp but something.
landed on him before that A body cold like ice and wet slippery. A pair of hands closed down on his windpipe, A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. He will turn into a skeleton sitting there Lipi said grimacing that made her ugly face uglier. What can I do sis her brother asked Try to move the body and get caught. Do something If a neighbor visits enters the house s he will instantly smell the stench Lipi said not done. yet She was starting to panic, She married this handsome man who had a physical defect which made him incapable of playing the part of. a husband in bed So he applied for a woman who will marry him knowing everything He was getting lonely. with growing age,She responded, That poor fellow did not knew she was a serial bride she married and escaped with whatever she could. within a week of marriage and she picked up desperate men like this one Desperate and well to do but not. rich that may result in getting caught, So this bloke lived in a small two storey house with a basement She went as per the plan but when she was. slinking away he woke up and caught her red handed he was about to call cops when her brother came to. rescue Unfortunately the blow was too hard and he died then and there. They brought the body down to the basement and decided they will dump the body and live in the house he. was kind of a recluse so no one knew him so her brother will play his role in the outside world whenever. required After some time they will sell the house and move on. Today was the second day the roads were busy with people celebrating Durgapuja if something went. wrong they won t be able to escape so dumping the body was out of question right now but it was really. starting to scare her Maybe they should just escape. Let s do it tonight her brother said He grabbed a gummy bag and they went downstairs one after the. Where was the body It has disappeared from the chair. They turned on the light a line of body fluids went up the stairs to show them the direction they followed. the trail to the first floor to her bedroom, It was lying on the bed the entire room was stinking.
Who did it she howled sure that it was her brother s sick sense of humour. Not me he shook his head vigorously,Together they went towards the body. Is he she asked shaking violently snoring, A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. She collected posters of all horror movies she watched it was sort of an obsession. If you want I can turn them into murals into your bedroom her interior designer said when he noticed. That will be a cool she said and gave him the assignment. It was a stormy night The thunders were terrifying The wind was howling and roaring as it tore into her. room through the open window,She opened her eyes and her first instinct was. Rats the wind ripped the posters open,When she saw Freddie flying across the room. The next instant she remembered that they were no longer posters. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. Mother Goddess Lakshmi, May all her blessings be yours May your world fill up with peace.
prosperity wealth and happiness,May they always stay in your world. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. The story of Dhanteras is very sweet long long ago once Mother Goddess Lakshmi persuaded Lord Vishnu her. husband to take her along when he visited earth Lord Vishnu gave in but on two conditions she won t glance. southwards and wont enjoy any earthly thing The Goddess consented and the journey began. They landed on earth and the Goddess being playful forgot her promises and after a while glanced southwards and. noticed a field filled with mustard flowers bewitched by their beauty she picked a few up and decorated herself with. them next she got herself a sugarcane and started chewing it. That did it Lord Vishnu cursed her that she will have to live as a maid for 12 years in the home of the poorest of poor. farmer But that barely worked she became a maid but the instant she stepped into that farmer s home he became. rich Twelve years passed and Lord Vishnu came claiming his wife feigning to be a poor peasant the peasant who had. Mother Goddess asked him to get lost and bluntly refused handing over the Mother Goddess Finally Mother Goddess. intervened and told him who she was and why she must go. Then she promised that on every year on the 13th day of moon attached to Kalipuja that is Dipavali she will visit him. She kept her promise the peasant waited for her after sprucing up his home and lighting up earthen lamps. pradeeps Soon his neighbours started following him and it became a tradition. Those who fast on this day worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber the giver of wealth They also buy gold that is a. very good omen and in some families must Nope it is not a Bengali festival But I loved the story when I read it in. drikpanchang com and decided to share it with you guys. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. Bhoot Chaturdashi,Indian Halloween, The night before Kalipuja in Bengal is celebrated as Hindu Halloween or Bhoot Chaturdashi Mother Goddess Kali is. Lord Shiva s wife and Lord Shiva is the master of ghosts and other things that go bumping in night So when his wife. visits earth his consorts accompany her the night before they come down to earth and try to invade human. households Therefore some rituals are performed by ghost fearing folks. Actually not only ghost fearing folks most people follow these two rituals if they can manage to first is they have to. fry fourteen types of leafy vegetables and eat every person in the family I mean Now don t worry they don t go. hunting in the woods for those vegetables in small towns these vegetables are sold in a bundle on every Bhoot. Chaturdashi Kolkata people I don t know if they are aware of this tradition. The second tradition is the enticing one every door that leads outside the house is guarded by a candle pradeep. earthen candle since dusk to keep the consorts of Lord Shiva out As I am typing it dusk is gathering so I too will. have to go and start preparing the candles Maybe I will add a photograph if I can manage a proper one my old camera. is dead bro gifted me one on Durgapuja that is far better than my phone cameras but nothing in comparison to my old. camera So I will see how good the picture will be, I have long stopped eating Choddo shaaks that is fourteen leafy vegetables but I thoroughly enjoy lighting the candles. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. Worshipping the ultimate destroyer of Evil, Here is a beautiful story about how the Goddess came to be Goddess Durga was once sitting on a mountain enjoying. the surrounding a demon passed by very powerful demon he got bewitched by her beauty and proposed she refused. he became ugly and ordered his army to drag her by her hair to his lair all the Goddesses picked up their arms. against the huge army of demons finally Mother Goddess Kali came out of the pure innocent Goddess and unleashed. her wrath on the demon army the rest is mythology Before departing she promised whenever the earth gets infested. with evil I will return and cleanse Hope you will keep your promise Mother. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. Mythology says whenever earth gets infested with evil when Mother Goddess Durga can no longer cleanse it by mere. warfare she changes into Mother Goddess Kali The fiercest form of the warrior Goddess remember one thing though. Hindus believe all Goddesses are part of Mother Goddess Durga but Mother Goddess Durga came to being to fight for. Gods when they could not conquer the indomitable Mahishasur buffalo demon Mother Goddess came to being and she. defeated the buffalo demon so she is quite a powerful warrior hence you can imagine how powerful Mother Goddess. Kali will be That is why Hindus utterly respect and fear this Goddess and don t play any games about her. This Goddess unfortunately has a strong base of unsavory worshippers the witches and wizards of India the tantriks. worship her darkest form but as per mythology she has nothing to do with black magic actually I truly wonder what. will She do if She realizes that her name is used for evil deeds When she is destroyer of evil in every form Anyways. leave them to their beliefs this Goddess is worshipped on every moonless night the one that falls in Kartik is most. revered and widely celebrated As far as I recollect one held in summer is very popular too not 10 percent of this one. but popular enough to create a memory in mind, My ancestors have worshipped this Goddess for more than five hundred years and yes one of them was a Tantrik it is.
told that He actually saw the Goddess and miscreants say that She still protects our family home Have heard from at. least half a dozen mouths who have seen Her after doing something they should not have done so who can say. I could not bond with this Goddess even though later I started to respect her with all my heart because her puja. requires animal sacrifice its must and it is horrible thing to witness believe me I did not stayed there to watch but. come on I knew it was happening and after that I had to go to that altar and offer my floral tributes pushpanjali to the. Goddess That ruined my bonding completely Years later when She became the strongest presence in my mind during. my darkest days I bonded with Her with full hearted love and gratitude. May your world never see a single spec of evil May her protective arms be always around your world. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016. The festival of Light, In the mythological story Ramayana Ramchandra gave up his throne on his coronation day to fulfil his father s promise. to his step mother he had to go to forest too for 14 years his wife and brother accompanied him Due to a strife the. king of Lanka Ravana kidnapped Sita his wife Ramchandra rescued her and they all returned to Ayodhya his kingdom. on Dipawali to celebrate his homecoming the people of Ayodhya decorated the entire kingdom with light crackers. were burst and sweets were distributed, Therefore came the tradition of decorating homes with earthen lamps or candles bursting crackers and distributing. sweets North Indians also worship Mother Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and prosperity this night. We Bengalis worship Mother Goddess Kali but have picked up the decorating homes with candles and bursting. crackers and devouring sweets from them We do it with equal gusto. The sound pollution is a real torment but if you manage a pair of ear plugs to block the sound this festival is all about. light and beauty Every house is decorated with candles pradeeps or latest fashion small light bulbs In North people. paint repair their homes and decorate them for days here in Bengal it is one or two days mostly. A little gift from Sharmishtha Basu from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Desk to her friends on Kalipuja Dipavali 2016.

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BBC Wales also sought to portray a more contemporary, diverse Wales with programmes such as Young, Welsh and Pretty Skint and Body Matters , while the Tower project focused on the lives of people who live in and around the tower blocks in Butetown, once known as Tiger Bay. Network television production by BBC Wales included . War and Peace. and

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