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DISCLAIMER, All rights reserved No part of this content may be. reproduced ortransmitted in any manner whatsoever, without written permission except in the case of brief. PUBLISHED quotations used in articles and reviews, BY ZONIA This content is intended as a reference material not as a. medical manual to replace the advice of your physician. Copyright 2019 or to substitute for any treatment prescribed by your. physician If you are ill or suspect that you have a medical. Magnific Group d b a Zonia problem we strongly encourage you to consult your your. All Rights Reserved medical or health professional before adopting any of the. suggestions in this guide or drawing inferences from it If. you are taking prescription medication you should never. WWW ZONIA COM change your diet for better or worse without consulting. your physician as any dietary change may affect the. metabolism of that prescription drug, This guide and the author s opinions are solely for. informational andeducational purposes The author, specifically disclaims all responsibility for any liability.
loss or risk personal or otherwise which is incurred. as a consequence directly or indirectly of the use and. application of any of the contents of this guide,ABOUT ZONIA. ZONIA com is an exclusive online community and a video streaming platform for driven parents busy. professionals diligent students and all other eager to be achievers who will stop at nothing to accomplish. their health and wellness goals ZONIA experts do all the research for you based on the latest science and. present it to you in an interesting and fun way in short video format At ZONIA you will find 23 original. shows and hundreds of short videos focused on every aspect of your healthy lifestyle. WE WILL HELP YOU TO, Understand food nutrition to make educated decisions for you and your family. Stay informed and never be fooled by the dirty advertising and marketing messages. Adopt proven action plans for any area of your life that you desire to improve. Manage weight naturally without deprivation and starvation. Master new healthy cooking recipes from our celebrity chefs. Find the right exercise routine for your targeted are asusing safe and effective techniques by. world class instructors dance yoga Pilates or bodyweight workouts series. Master the practice of meditation and hypnotherapy for strong and peaceful mind. Our mission is to help you improve all three key aspects for a healthy and fulfilled life balanced eating. healthy exercising and a strong willful mind We want to share with you our knowledge and experience. and provide you with the tools and mindset to build YOUR OWN HEALTHY RICH AND FULFILLING. LIFESTYLE that is in tune with your body mind and family. Humans are creatures of habit We like things the way they are our habits and. routines the comfort of the familiar Change is something we all hesitate to. embrace because it s just so much work, And when it comes to fitness and health those changes get even harder. Junk food is so delicious It s so much more relaxing to take a nap or watch TV. than work out Life is so much easier when you eat anything you can get your. hands on and do whatever you want With all the stress of work and home life. the last thing we need is another challenge to tackle right. Transforming your life to a fitter healthier one will take. work but it s so worth it in the end The benefits of. improved fitness and diet alone are beyond number,You ll Live Longer. Multiple studies have found a direct link between an increase in exercise and. a longer lifespan For example one study published on Live Science found that. just 150 minutes of exercise per week was enough to extend the lifespan of. obese people by 2 7 to 3 4 years For overweight people exercise extended. their lifespan by 3 9 years while normal weight people lived an average of 4 7. years longer,You ll Sleep Better, Both the way you eat and your exercise habits are directly linked to the quality of.
your sleep, Eating the wrong foods or at the wrong time can disturb your sleep not to. mention increase your risk of heartburn acid reflux restlessness and even. insomnia Certain foods like milk and,honey turkey and bananas can help. improve the quality of your sleep at,As for exercise and sleep studies have. proven that physical activity improves,sleep quality One study found that. just 150 minutes of moderate exercise,a week led to a 65 improvement in.
sleep quality among adult participants,ages 18 to 85. You ll Reduce Disease Risk, Do we really need to get into ALL the ways that a better diet and regular exercise. can help reduce your risk of disease Here are just a few of the direct benefits of. improved diet and exercise on your health, Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and stroke. Better blood glucose stability reduced insulin production and decreased. insulin resistance meaning a lower diabetes risk, Less chance of metabolic disorders obesity and fatty liver disease. Better bone muscle and joint health leading to a lower risk of exercise. and daily injuries, Improved digestive endocrine nervous and reproductive health.
Faster metabolism better fat burning and lower chance of storing excess. food as fat, There are literally DOZENS of benefits of eating right and doing exercise when it. comes to protecting your body from harm,You ll Feel Better About Yourself. Can exercise boost your self esteem You bet it can. One 2004 study found that exercise can improve the self esteem of both adults. and children teenagers The meditative benefits of exercise are effective at. improving your perception of self and having a positive outlook on yourself and. life Exercise can actually improve your body image one study found even before. you see the weight loss Just the act of exercising and eating right can help shift. your attitude about your body toward the positive,You ll Boost Your Mood. Exercise and diet both play a role in boosting,your mood and combatting anxiety stress. depression and other emotional disorders,According to the American.
Psychological Association There s good,epidemiological data to suggest that. active people are less depressed than,inactive people And people who were. active and stopped tend to be more,depressed than those who maintain or. initiate an exercise program Simply put,physical activity can help regulate your. mood and decrease depression, Of course the food you eat can also have a direct effect on your.
mood as well High sugar and high carb foods lead to a glucose. high which provides a momentary mood boost However when. your blood sugar levels crash you get that same feeling of. crashing that leads to an even lower mood than before Foods. like fish coffee dark chocolate citrus fruits and beans can all. improve your mood naturally keeping it stable and preventing. the eventual crash,You ll Improve Your Sex Life, Eating right can do wonders to improve your sex life Not only. are there foods that will boost your libido Google the term. aphrodisiac to find more than a few but improving the quality. of your diet can improve blood flow to your genitals increase. your sex drive and enhance your stamina, And exercise is even BETTER for your sex life than a healthy diet Exercise. increases your energy levels improves your body self image tones your. muscles gets rid of excess body fat around your midsection boosts circulation. to all the important parts and decreases erectile dysfunction risk Dozens of. studies have proven that exercise will have a direct positive impact on your sex. You ll Be More Productive and, Exercise more and eat right and you ll have more energy all day long. In one study of over 2 600 adults just 150 minutes of exercise per week helped. increase the daily energy levels of participants They not only slept better at. night but they were less prone to daytime drowsiness. As you can see there are a lot of reasons to accept change Time to transform. your life into a healthier fitter one The question is how. Your Life in 9,Simple Steps, Remember how we said that change is never easy Big life altering changes. aren t but the truth is that every big change is made up of tiny changes that you. can put into practice every day Perhaps it s something as small as shifting your. way of thinking or perceiving food or exercise or it s taking a single step toward. being more active, Small changes ALWAYS lead to big changes over time.
Don t worry, Don t worry about overhauling your life from one day to the next. We ve got 9 simple steps you can take to help you start transforming. your life to a fitter healthier one Some of the steps will be easier than. others but they will all be necessary to help you reach your ultimate. goal an active healthy eating you,1 Find your reason why. Think about what your true motivation for changing is. Are you trying to avoid prevent or treat a disease or disorder such as. diabetes heart disease or metabolic syndrome, Do you want to feel better about the way you look when you see. yourself in the mirror, Are you tired of always feeling fatigued and having low energy levels. Do you want to improve your sex life, There are so many whys of getting fit and healthy and they are all valid.

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