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NEBRASKA SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION, 500 Charleston Street Suite 1 Lincoln Nebraska 68508 1119. This FOOTBALL MANUAL has been prepared and designated to provide information in the. administration of interscholastic football including the state play off series Sections of the. NSAA Bylaws Approved Rulings related to football are included in this manual The wildcard. point system special regulations and the administration of the state football play offs are also. explained in detail Football coaches and athletic directors should be familiar with these. policies It is their responsibility to conduct their football program within the rule established. by the NSAA Regulations within this manual shall be considered official unless schools are. notified of a change, Assistant Director Nate Neuhaus is in charge of the administration of football Please contact. him with questions regarding win loss records officials and NFHS rules interpretations. NSAA MISSION STATEMENT, The public and non public high schools of Nebraska voluntarily agreed to form the Nebraska School. Activities Association for the following purposes, To formulate and make policies which will cultivate high ideals of citizenship fair competition. sportsmanship and teamwork which will complement the member schools curriculum. To foster uniformity of standards in interscholastic activity competition. To organize develop direct and regulate an interscholastic activity program which is equitable. and will protect and promote the health and physical welfare of all participants. Changes updates clarifications to the 2019,football manual are hi lighted in yellow.
Policy Comments Against Officials Judges Page 2 Future Dates Page 8. NFHS Rules Changes Page 3 Eligibility for District State Competition Page 14. NFHS Editorial Changes Page 4 Approved Ruling 3 5 1 Page 16. NFHS Points of Emphasis Page 4 Accommodations for Athletes Page 18. Required Training Courses Page 5 Classification Approved Ruling Page 25. Guidelines for Concussion Management Page 6 Point System Tie Breaker Page 38. 2019 Key Dates Page 7 State Championship Replay Protocol Page 67 68. 2019 Championship Game Times Page 7,NSAA POLICY ON COMMENTS AND NEGATIVE. ACTIONS AGAINST OFFICIALS AND JUDGES, The National Federation of State High School Associations has devised Code of Ethics guidelines for. high school coaches The function of a coach is to educate students through participation in. interscholastic competition The coach or sponsor shall respect and support contest officials and. judges The coach or sponsor shall not indulge in conduct that would incite players or spectators. against the officials Public criticism of officials judges or players is unethical. The Nebraska School Activities Association has embraced that Coaches Code of Ethics and has. established policies and standards that will cultivate the ideals of good sportsmanship. professionalism and conduct It shall be the responsibility of each member school to ensure that all. individuals directly associated with the interscholastic program conduct themselves in a. sportsmanlike and professional manner, The high school coach or director is a representative of the school at interscholastic activity events It. is the responsibility of all coaches and directors to serve as role models for students and the public. It is the expectation that all coaches directors administrators and student participants shall refrain. from negative criticism of NSAA member institutions officials adjudicators judges etc in public. statements before during or after interscholastic events The appropriate public response to media. questions at all venues regarding officiating judging is per NSAA policy I am unable to comment. Any other response is a violation of this board policy and is subject to penalty. It would be considered a violation of this NSAA policy to include but are not limited to the following. Making degrading and or critical remarks about officials or adjudicators or the officiating or. judging before during or after an event either on or off site via social media or through any. public means, Detaining the officials adjudicators judges during or following the event to request a ruling or. explanation of actions or evaluation by the official s adjudicator s judges. Entering the officials dressing area following the contest. Negative actions by an individual directly associated with the program shall be reported to the NSAA. office by the school and or by the head contest official adjudicator judge or manager The school. shall document the results of their investigation and actions taken where necessary and appropriate. The NSAA Executive Director shall determine the appropriate penalties for violation of this board. 2019 NFHS FOOTBALL RULES CHANGES, BY STATE ASSOCIATION ADOPTION USE OF VIDEO REVIEW ALLOWED FOR STATE POSTSEASON CONTESTS.
1 3 7 NOTE NEW TABLE 1 7 1 3 7 NOTE NEW, Rationale By state association adoption instant replay may only be used during state postseason. contests to review decisions by the on field game officials This adoption would allow state. associations to develop protocols for use of video replay. IMPROVED VISIBILITY OF NUMBERS 1 5 1c 1 5 1c 6 NEW. Rationale The purpose of numbers on jerseys is to provide clear identification of players In order. to enhance the ability to easily identify players the committee has clarified the size requirements. for jersey numbers through the 2023 season The committee also added a new requirement that. effective in the 2024 season jersey numbers must be a single solid color that clearly contrasts with. the body color of the jersey, REDEFINED REQUIREMENTS FOR A LEGAL SCRIMMAGE FORMATION 2 14 1 7 2 5a. Rationale A legal scrimmage formation now requires at least five offensive players on their line of. scrimmage with no more than four backs This change will make it easier to identify legal and illegal. offensive formations, PROHIBITION ON TRIPPING THE RUNNER 2 45 9 4 3o NEW 9 4 3o PENALTY NEW. Rationale In an effort to decrease risk tripping the runner is now prohibited It is now a foul to. intentionally use the lower leg or foot to obstruct a runner below the knees. 40 SECOND PLAY CLOCK 2 35 1 3 6 1 3 6 2a 7 2 1, Rationale To have a more consistent time period between downs the rules committee approved. situations where 40 seconds will be placed on the play clock The new rule defines when 40. seconds will be placed on the play clock and when 25 seconds will be placed on the play clock. HORSE COLLAR TACKLE ADDITION 9 4 3k, Rationale Grabbing the name plate area of the jersey of the runner directly below the back collar.
and pulling the runner to the ground is now an illegal personal contact foul. ILLEGAL KICKING AND BATTING PENALTY REDUCED 9 7 PENALTY. Rationale The penalty for illegally kicking or batting the ball was reduced from 15 yards to 10. 2019 EDITORIAL CHANGES, 1 1 9 1 3 6 1 5 5 1 6 1 NOTE TABLE 1 7 2 6 2b 2 8 2 24 3 2 25 1 2 26 5 2 28 1 2 43 31 2 TABLE 3 1. 3 3 1 3 4 3 4 1 3 4 2 3 4 3 3 4 4 3 4 5 3 4 6 3 4 8 3 5 2 NOTE b 3 5 3 35 6 3 5 7j 3 5 9 3 5 10. 3 5 10a 3 6 2d 4 1 6 4 3 6 5 2 2 5 2 4 5 3 1 5 3 2 NOTE 6 5 4 6 5 PENALTY 7 1 5 7 1 7 7 2 6. 7 2 PENALTY TABLE 7 5 2 TABLE 7 5 8 3 2 8 5 2 EXCEPTION 9 2 3a 9 3 PENALTY 9 4 PENALTY 9 4 6b. 9 9 5 NOTE 10 4 2c EXCEPTION 10 51c 10 5 1j Resolving Tied Games. Nine Eight Six Player Rules Differences Penalty Summary Index. 2019 POINTS OF EMPHASIS,1 Proper Procedures for Weather Delays. 2 Free Blocking Zone and Legal Blocking,NFHS AND NSAA RULES. 2019 National Federation of State High School Associations NFHS Football Rules and 2019 20 NSAA. rules and regulations shall govern all high school competitions in Nebraska. WARNING ABOUT THE INHERENT,DANGERS OF FOOTBALL, Student athletes and parents should be aware that Football like all sports will always have inherent. dangers Although rare death or catastrophic injury can result from participation in this sport and. care should be taken by all concerned to minimize such dangers through the use of appropriate. equipment proper training methods and common sense. FOOTBALL HELMET WARNING LABELS REQUIRED, Each player s football helmet by rule NFHS 1 5 1a must have a visible exterior warning label.
regarding the risk of injury The label is part of the National Operating Committee on Standards for. Athletic Equipment NOCSAE and indicates that players have been instructed and understand the. risks involved in the game of football Football helmet manufacturers helmet reconditioning. sporting goods dealers and individual sales people in most cases will provide free exterior warning. labels to the schools Football coaches should make sure that ALL football helmets are certified and. meet the NOCSAE standard and have a visible warning label. ACCOMODATIONS FOR STUDENT WITH DISABILITIES, Each state association may in keeping with applicable laws authorize exceptions to NFHS playing. rules to provide reasonable accommodations to individual participants with disabilities and or special. needs as well as those individuals with unique and extenuating circumstances In order to determine. if the NSAA can authorize such an accommodation the school administration should contact the. NSAA to request an accommodations hearing,NSAA AND NFHS. POLICY STATEMENT ON STEROIDS, The NSAA and the NFHS strongly oppose the abuse of anabolic steroids and other. performance enhancing substances by high school student athletes Such use violates legal. ethical and competitive equity standards and imposes unreasonable long term health risks. REQUIRED TRAINING COURSES, All coaches and volunteers are required to complete the following NFHS training courses at. least once every three years Approved Ruling 2 12,Concussion in Sports.
Heat Illness Prevention,Sudden Cardiac Arrest, These courses should be taken prior to any pre season or regular season physical workouts. that the respective coach would be present for or involved in administering Any course taken. after May 1 would be considered valid for the following year All first year coaches are. required to complete all three courses prior to the start of the activity season which they are. Please access the courses at www NFHSLearn com,NFHS SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR. MANAGEMENT OF CONCUSSION, A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that impairs normal function of the brain An athlete does not. have to suffer a direct blow to the head or lose consciousness be knocked out to sustain a concussion. Common Signs Symptoms of Concussion Include, Headache or pressure in head Mood behavior or personality. Nausea changes, Dazed or stunned appearance Inability to recall events prior to hit or.
Confusion about assignment or fall,position Balance problems or dizziness. Forgetful for example doesn t follow,Double or blurry vision. instructions, Uncertainty of game score or Sensitivity to light or noise. opponent Feeling sluggish hazy foggy or groggy,Clumsy movements Concentration or memory problems. Slow response to questions Emotions of not feeling right or. feeling down, Activate the Emergency Medical System or call 9 1 1 if after a bump or jolt to the head or.
body an athlete has one or more of these danger signs. One pupil larger than the other,Drowsiness or inability to wake up. A headache that gets worse and does not go away, Slurred speech weakness numbness or decreased coordination. Repeated vomiting or nausea,Convulsions or seizures shaking or twitching. Unusual behavior increased confusion restlessness or agitation. Loss of consciousness passed out knocked out, o Even a brief loss of consciousness should be taken seriously. Suggested Concussion Management, 1 No athlete should return to play RTP or practice on the same day of a concussion.
2 Any athlete suspected of having a concussion should be evaluated by an appropriate health care. professional as soon as possible, 3 Any athlete with a concussion should be medically cleared by an appropriate health care. professional prior to resuming participation in any practice or competition. 4 After medical clearance RTP should follow a step wise protocol with provisions for delayed RTP. based upon return of any signs or symptoms at rest while doing school work or with physical. For further details please see the NFHS Suggested Guidelines for. Management of Concussion in Sports at www nfhs org. 2019 KEY DATES, Date of 1st Practice all schools Week 6 Monday August 12. Week 1 Games Week 8 Thursday August 29, 1st Round Play offs D1 D2 Week 17 Thursday October 31. 2nd Round Play offs D1 D2 Week 18 Wednesday November 6. Quarterfinal Play offs D1 D2 Week 19 Tuesday November 12. Semifinal Play offs D1 D2 Week 20 Monday November 18. 1st Round Play offs A B C1 C2 D6 Week 17 Friday November 1. Quarterfinal Play offs A B C1 C2 D6 Week 18 Friday November 8. Semifinal Play offs A B C1 C2 D6 Week 19 Friday November 15. Finals D6 Week 20 Friday November 22,Finals D1 D2 B Week 21 Monday November 25. Finals C1 C2 A Week 21 Tuesday November 26, The football season begins with the first day of practice on Monday August 12 2019 for all.
The season concludes with the State Championships Games on November 22 25 and 26 2019. 2019 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TIMES,COPE STADIUM unk. Friday November 22 7 00 pm Class D6,2019 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TIMES. MEMORIAL STADIUM unl,Monday November 25 10 15 am Class D1. Monday November 25 2 45 pm Class D2,Monday November 25 7 15 pm Class B. Tuesday November 26 10 15 am Class C1,Tuesday November 26 2 45 pm Class C2.
Tuesday November 26 7 15 pm Class A,FUTURE DATES,YEAR FIRST PRACTICE WEEK 1 GAMES. 2020 Monday 8 10 Thursday 8 27,2021 Monday 8 9 Thursday 8 26. 2022 Monday 8 8 Thursday 8 25,NSAA ATHLETIC BYLAWS. 3 1 SPORTS SEASONS, 3 1 1 Interschool sports sponsored by the Association shall be divided into three. seasons Fall Winter and Spring,APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 1 1.
1 A season begins on the first day of allowable practices for that sport as designated in. 3 1 1 2 The season officially ends with the conclusion of the State Championship in that. sport Students may not participate in outside group instruction or competition once the. season officially begins and outside group instruction or competition may not commence. until the school s varsity team has been completely eliminated from further participation in. 2 All scheduled and postponed regular season varsity contests must be played prior to the. start of sub district district or state competition Once sub district district or state. competition begins no regular varsity contests shall be permitted. 3 Students who are not listed on the NSAA district entry form may participate in outside. group instruction or competition of the same sport before the varsity school team has been. completely eliminated from post season competition Those students who have. participated in outside group instruction or competition following their regular season. schedule would not be eligible to be placed on the district or state entry form of the same. sport and would not be allowed to practice with the varsity team. 3 1 1 1 A season begins the day of opening practice as permitted by the NSAA rules. rather than the first day of interscholastic competition. 3 1 1 2 The division of sports seasons shall be as follows No school shall register more. than one varsity team per sport and no student shall participate simultaneously in. more than one sport per season, Note Week designations are for the standardized calendar The standardized. calendar usually begins with the first full week in July. APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 1 1 2, 1 If a student is participating in one sport during a sports season and decides to quit that. sport and participate in another sport during the same season the student shall be. restricted from practice and competing for seven school days No student who has. practiced or competed in one sport will be allowed to switch to another sport if the district. or state meet in the student s former sport is in progress or has been completed or a. season has ended, 2 If a student participates in two sports simultaneously during a sports season that student. shall become ineligible to participate in the district and or state contest during that sports. NSAA ATHLETIC BYLAWS,3 2 OUT OF SEASON PROGRAMS, 3 2 A member school shall not provide support hold an organized practice or enter. students in any non high school competition in NSAA sponsored sports outside of. the defined NSAA season,APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 2.
Faculty vs student alumni vs student or parent vs student contests are not. permissible during the season of the sport involved If such contests are held out. of season the organized practice rule must be followed. 3 2 1 School Year Out of Season Definition School year out of season is defined. as that period of time during the school year in which no organized practice can. be conducted The school year out of season period begins on the first day of. fall practice and runs until the first allowable date of practice in that sport and. the period after a team or individual has been eliminated from further. competition during the championship series of district and state. tournaments meets through Memorial Day or the end of the school year. whichever is later For non varsity competition school year out of season. begins the day following the last date of interscholastic competition or the last. date of the varsity season whichever is later, 3 2 2 School Year Out of Season Participation Except during the season of the. sport involved a student may be a member of a non high school team and. compete unattached in non high school competition Students are prohibited. from wearing high school uniforms during non high school sponsored. competition, 3 2 3 Organized Practice No organized practice in any sport shall be held during the. school year out of season period An organized practice shall be defined as. a Football An organized practice in 11 man football shall mean more than seven. students under direct supervision of a sponsor An organized practice in 8. man football shall mean more than five students under the direct supervision. of a sponsor An organized practice in 6 man football shall mean more than. four students under the direct supervision of a sponsor If more than one. group is practicing at the same time it shall be called an organized practice. The only pieces of general equipment shall be footballs shoes helmets. kicking tees and hand held dummies and there shall be no contact with. mechanical training devices or blocking sleds or with another player. 3 2 7 Summer Activities From the Tuesday following Memorial Day to July 31 a. member school may not sponsor a team or individual provide uniforms. individual player equipment except football baseball and softball protective. equipment for commercial camps or otherwise be responsible for a student in. summer competition Attendance at summer activities shall be voluntary No. coach or school representative may directly or by implication direct a student to. attend summer activities as a condition for membership on a high school team or. restrict the level of team participation within the high school program. APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 2 7,Applicable to Coaches During The Summer. The school year out of season period begins on the date of the official start of fall. practices Summer activities are regulated between the Tuesday following. Memorial Day and July 31 Between the end of the summer activities period and. the start of the school year out of season period August 1 through the official. start of fall practices the following shall apply,1 The organized practice rule shall be in effect. 2 Conditioning programs may be held, 3 Attendance at commercial camps and clinics is permissible but the organized.
practice rules shall be in effect for such camps and clinics and. 4 No school sponsored clinics or camps may be held. 5 Due to safety concerns schools may permit the use of football helmets and. softball and baseball protective equipment for summer leagues camps. clinics and other such summer activities, NSAA Catastrophic Insurance does not cover coaches students schools during the summer activities. period Tuesday following Memorial Day through July 31. 3 2 7 1 Allowable Summer Activities, During the summer a member school may organize the following. 3 2 7 2 Summertime School Sponsored Camps Clinics A school may organize a camp or. clinic in any sport from the Tuesday following Memorial Day through July 31 The. camp shall be limited to no more than ten days over a period of 21 consecutive. calendar days starting with the first date of the camp clinic. a Summertime school sponsored camps clinics include planned physical. activities that are instructional and competitive in nature where actual. games can be played or simulated by camp attendees. b Summertime school sponsored camps clinics shall be voluntary and open. to all interested students from grades 9 12, c The use of school facilities and equipment is permitted in accordance with. local school board policy, d If a summertime school sponsored camp clinic is held in football contact. shall be allowed with the use of hand held dummies only The no contact. rule shall prohibit contact with mechanical or training devices as well as. with other players The use of blocking sleds and other mechanical devices. is prohibited The no contact rule does not preclude incidental or. inadvertent contact or the touching of a ball carrier with the hand s The. only pieces of general football equipment shall be footballs shoes. helmets kicking tees and hand held blocking dummies. 3 2 7 3 Summertime Conditioning Program A member school may organize and. supervise a summer conditioning program to include weight lifting running and. exercising for its members in accordance with the following provision. a Such a conditioning program shall be general in nature and may include. only exercises designed to promote physical fitness. b Sport specific drills are not allowed and sport specific equipment may. not be used, c Conditioning sessions shall be no longer than 60 minutes in length and.
no member shall participate in more than one such session per day. APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 2 7 3, Conditioning sessions organized and run by members of the school s coaching. staff are subject the 60 minute limitation Students for example who work out. on their own at the school facility in weight lifting general calisthenics running. or agility type exercises shall not be considered to be involved in an organized. conditioning program, 3 2 7 6 Summertime Regulations for Athletes and Coaches From the Tuesday following. Memorial Day or final day of school whichever is later until July 31 there shall. be no restrictions on the contact between students and high school coaches. provided no support is received from the school district. 3 2 7 7 Summer Leagues High School coaches are permitted to coach students from. their high school in summer league competition and games provided there is no. direct support from the school, a There must be evidence that the organization or individual conducting the. league has rented or leased the school facility to prove the school is not. involved with sponsorship or funding, b All league fees and costs are to be paid by the athlete and or his her. parents The school booster clubs individuals and or other organizations. shall not provide expenses or support for individuals participating in such. c Team fundraisers may be used to finance summer league and camp. activities The AD coach can hold money collected from fundraising in a. school account until the money is need to pay for summer league or camp. activities Any athlete receiving money for summer league camps must. participate in the fundraising activity, d The use of school names and uniforms practice game warm up or.
scrimmage vests shall be considered school support and are prohibited. 3 2 7 8 Summertime Use of School Facilities Member schools may permit the use of. their facilities in accordance with the school board rental policy Examples of. acceptable use of school facilities for activities are. a Summer Leagues There must be evidence that the organization or. individual coaching the league has rented or leased the facility to prove the. school is not involved in its sponsorship or funding. b Commercial Sport Camps Clinics A school may rent its facility for use by. individuals including its own school coaches or other organizations for. commercial camps clinics or schools Camps conducted by high school. coaches shall be publicized as open to all area individuals wishing to attend. and not limited to students from the coach s high school. 3 2 7 9 Summertime Use of School Equipment Member schools may permit the use of. school equipment other than individual player equipment and uniforms as long. as the school is in no way responsible or involved Acceptable equipment shall. be shot puts discus vaulting poles landing pits hurdles balls tennis racquets. golf clubs nets vaulting high jump and volleyball standards swimming kick. boards weight machines football helmets and pads for students attending. commercial camps and batting helmets and catcher s equipment for students. attending commercial camps,Approved Ruling 3 2 7 9. Due to safety concerns schools may permit the use of football helmets and softball and. baseball protective equipment for summer leagues camps clinics and other such summer. activities,NSAA ATHLETIC BYLAWS,3 3 GENERAL REGULATIONS GOVERNING. COMPETITION, 3 3 7 State Contests The Board of Directors shall have charge of all state. interscholastic contests in activities sponsored by the Association The Executive. Director shall be the director of all such contests He she may delegate the details. to someone else and have such other help as he she deems necessary. APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3 3 7,Eligibility for District State Competition. 1 In all athletic activities teams wishing to enter a sub district district or state contest. shall have participated in a minimum of five interschool varsity contests prior to the sub. district district or state contest, a Exceptions to the requirements for a team that has not participated in at least five.
interschool varsity contests would be considered if the team was unable to. participate if weather conditions forced a cancellation of scheduled contests. Other extenuating circumstances would be considered by the Executive Director. on a case by case basis, 2 In order to participate in a district or state tournament a student is required to have. been a member of the school s team for at least twenty school days prior to the first day. of the sub district district or state tournament, a Exceptions to the requirements for a student who is not a member of the school. team for twenty school days would be considered if an individual was unable to. participate because of illness injury or transfer from another high school School. team or game suspensions regardless of the underlying cause shall not be. considered as exceptions to this participation rule. 3 To be eligible to participate in a sub district district and or state contest a student shall. have been a member of a school s team and shall have been available to participate in. at least thirty percent 30 of the school s scheduled interschool contests. a Exceptions to the requirements for a student who has not been available to. participate in at least 30 of the school s varsity interschool contests would be. considered if an individual was unable to participate because of illness injury. transfer from another high school or if weather conditions forced a cancellation. of scheduled contests, b When determining whether a student has been available for 30 of the school s. varsity interschool contests one would divide the number of varsity interschool. contests for which the student was available by the school s total number of. varsity interschool contests all decimals 1 or above would be rounded up to the. next higher whole number, c The term available to participate means that the student was a bona fide. member of the team eligible to participate for the school at some level of. competition in the sport and is not suspended from participation in activities for. by virtue of NSAA rules, 4 For situations pertaining to eligibility to participate in district or state contests that are.
not specifically addressed by these guidelines the Executive Director shall have the. authority to waive membership and participation requirements on a case by case basis. 5 If a school takes its team off the playing field prior to the completion of a contest or. prior to the suspension or termination of a game by the game officials and the contest. is forfeited because of the refusal of the school s team to continue play the school shall. be subject to a penalty set by the Board of Directors The penalty may be the exclusion. from participation in sub district district playoffs or state contests. 3 3 7 2 The Executive Director is granted the authority to require schools to alter travel. plans to arrive the day prior to the scheduled state contest if weather conditions. so warrant If a school chooses not to travel to the contest site the day prior to. the scheduled contest the school shall understand that the games will go on as. scheduled and if they are unable to arrive prior to the scheduled game time a.

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