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taBLe oF contentS,Diamond Mesh Lath Page 1 Metal Accessories Page 7. Flat Lath Galvanized and Stainless Steel N 66 Narrow Wing Casing Bead. Self Furred Lath Dimpled J Metal Bead, Self Furred Lath V Grooved Foundation Weep Screed FHA 7. TilathTM Paper Backed Metal Lath Page 2 Metal Accessories Page 8. Flat and Self Furred Tilath TM,Control Joint VV or M Type 15 Joint. Starter Strips Griplock J Control Joint XJ15 Joint. Zinc Control Joint,Rib Lath Page 3,1 8 Flat Rib Lath Metal Accessories Page 9. 3 8 High Rib Lath Inside Corner Control Joint 30 Joint. M SlideTM 2 Piece Expansion Joints, Support Spacing for Metal Lath Page 3 2 Piece Expansion Joint 40 Joint.
Spray Lath Products Page 4 Installation Key Points Page 10. Spray Rib Lath Flat 1 8 Rib, Spray Rib Lath High 3 8 Rib Installation Detail Photos Page 11. Managing Quality Control Page 4 Specialty Metal Products Page 12. Wire Corners, Metal Accessories Page 5 Galvanized Hanger and Tie Wire. X 1 Corner Bead, X1 N Narrow Wing Corner Bead SS304 Stainless Steel Lath. X 2 Reinforced Corner Bead and Accessories Page 13. Manufacturing,Striplath Distribution Centers Back Cover. Metal Accessories Page 6,C I Weep TracTM,X 66 Expanded Flange Casing Bead.
QUALITY PRODUCTS AROUND THE GLOBE,aLaBaMa MetaL induStrieS corporation. 3245 Fayette Avenue Birmingham AL 35208,Phone 205 787 2611 800 366 2642 Fax 205 786 6527. www amicoglobal com,diaMond MeSh Lath, Flat Lath is manufactured from prime quality steel sheets that are slit and expanded to form small diamond shaped openings This. large number of openings provides more plaster keys providing better scratch coat bonding in either pumped or troweled applications. Each sheet has square ends and smooth parallel edges on sides for fast easy handling and bending for curved surfaces G60 galvanized. finish to ASTM A653 and ASTM C847,Weight Sheet Nominal Sheets Bundles Pallet. sq yard weight sheet size bundle pallet weight,2 5 lbs Galvanized 5 0 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 2500 lbs.
3 4 lbs Galvanized 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 3400 lbs,2 5 lbs Stainless 5 0 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1275 lbs. 3 4 lbs Stainless 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1700 lbs, Self Furred Lath is used extensively in exterior stucco and stone work over sheathing and as a plaster base over masonry. walls Self furring dimples or embossed V grooves hold the lath minimum away from solid surfaces to aid in the keying of. stucco to the lath AMICO self furred lath does not require additional self furring mechanisms to function as required by. ASTM C1063, Dimpled dimple spacing 5 on length with offset rows 5 apart on width. Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet,sq yard weight size bundle pallet weight. 2 5 lbs Galvanized 5 0 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1250 lbs,3 4 lbs Galvanized 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1700 lbs.
2 5 lbs Stainless 5 0 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1250 lbs,3 4 lbs Stainless 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1700 lbs. V Grooved embossed V grooves spaced 6 on center lengthwise. Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet,sq yard weight size bundle pallet weight. 2 5 lbs Galvanized 5 0 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 2500 lbs,3 4 lbs Galvanized 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 3400 lbs. As per current revisions of ASTM C1063 metal lath applied to solid substrates. must have self furring properties built into the lath sheet Therefore AMICO. recommends the use of self furred SF lath over solid substrates as required by. current codes Self furring lath is not required over framing members less than. 1 5 8 wide or over open framing,www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 1. tiLathtM paper BacKed MetaL Lath, TilathTM is AMICO lath with our factory applied weather resistant barrier Grade.
D asphalt saturated paper WRB Tilath is attached in an offset fashion providing. for a ship lap installation per ASTM C1063 see the illustrations below Tilath is an. ideal selection for applications requiring two layers of WRB where the synthetic air. barrier provides the first barrier Furthermore Tilath is an ideal choice for veneer. stone installations when the first WRB is already installed Tilath is also an ideal. choice for veneer stone installations,Flat and Self Furred TilathTM. Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet,sq yard weight size bundle pallet weight. 2 5 lbs Galvanized 5 18 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1295 lbs. 3 4 lbs Galvanized 6 81 lbs 27 x 97 10 25 1745 lbs. Weight per sq yard does NOT include the Grade D WRB sheet weight DOES include the approximate. weight of the paper, TilathTM Starter Strip is a compatible Grade D asphalt paper to be used. over the foundation weep screed when installing offset paper backed lath Starter. Strip is printed with incremental 1 marks and larger marks at 12. and 16 to assist the installer in fastening to the wall framing. Because of its Weather Resistant Barrier WRB properties it. also provides protection around doors and windows behind. stucco accessories and anywhere WRB strips are needed. Starter Strip exceeds minimum code requirements while. providing optimal breathability to prevent the potential for. moisture condensation within exterior walls As important. it has the durability necessary to resist tearing and puncturing on the jobsite Lath. When integrated into the building envelope as part of a complete Moisture Control Attachment. System it helps eliminate moisture related problems including water related Detail. structural failures mold and mildew, Roll Size Rolls Carton Carton Weight Cartons pallet. 6 x 225 6 30 lbs 30,TilathTM Paper Backed Lath Construction Detail.
TilathTM has a WRB factory applied to lath sheets with a double offset one side and end to allow. the lath to overlap at sheet joints Tilath is to be shingled up the wall beginning with a 6 Tilath. Starter Strip Grade D paper at base of wall placing the Starter Strip over the weep screed. attachment flange Then the Tilath sheet is attached with metal overhang facing down so that the. lap detail can be achieved as shown at right,2 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642. Rib Lath with its unique solid metal ribs running the length of the lath is used for 3 coat stucco and thin veneer stone. installations Rib lath provides greater stiffness and strength to support heavier finishes See Support Spacing for Metal. Lath table below for lath and support spacing, 1 8 Flat Rib Lath has eighteen ribs 1 8 high spaced 1 on center for. the installation of stone and tile on walls or plaster on ceilings The 2 75 lbs product. may be installed over horizontal spans up to 16 on center when following ASTM. C1063 This lath sheet still requires furring on solid substrates. Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet,sq yard weight size bundle pallet weight. 2 75 lbs Galvanized 5 5 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 2750 lbs. 3 8 High Rib Lath is designed with seven longitudinal ribs each 3 8. high and eight small flat ribs in between the high ribs This product is used almost. exclusively for ceiling and soffit applications ASTM C1063 allows framing for High. Rib Lath to span up to 24 on center High Rib Lath is installed with nose of ribs. touching framing members,Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet. sq yard weight size bundle pallet weight,3 4 lbs Galvanized 6 8 lbs 27 x 97 10 50 3400 lbs.
Support Spacing For MetaL Lath,adapted from ASTM C1063 table 3. Nominal Weight V E RT I CA L S PA C I N G I N C H E S H O R I Z O N TA L I N C H E S. Types of Lath per sq yard Wood Solid Plaster1 Metal Other Metal Wood or Concrete Metal. 2 50 lbs 163 163 12 12 12,Diamond Mesh Lath2,3 40 lbs 163 163 16 16 16. Flat Rib Lath 2 75 lbs 16 16 16 16 16,3 8 Rib Lath 3 40 lbs 24 24 24 24 24. 1 Where plywood is used for sheathing a minimum of 1 8 in 3 2 mm separation shall be provided between adjoining sheets to allow for expansion. 2 Metal plaster bases shall be furred away from vertical supports or solid surfaces at least 1 4 in Self furring lath meets furring requirements furring of expanded metal lath is. not required on supports having a bearing surface of 1 5 8 in or less. 3 These spacings are based on unsheathed walls Where self furring lath is placed over sheathing or a solid surface the permissible spacing of supports shall be no more than 24. www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 3,Spray Lath Products. Spray Lath is a West Coast product where stucco is spray applied to the surface of the lath to build up the stucco thickness. Kraft paper is factory applied to prevent over spray of stucco The spaces between the strips of Kraft paper allow for the visual. alignment of the sheet for mechanical attachment of the ribs to the substrate Rib Lath is often attached directly to the vertical. framing members without a solid board substrate included. Spray Rib Lath Flat 1 8 Rib has two 2 strips of kraft paper 12. wide attached to the lath Flat Rib is allowed by Building Code to span 16 on center. for the 2 75 lb Flat Rib 19 on center for 3 4 lb Flat Rib. Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet,sq yard size weight bundle pallet weight.
2 75 1 8 lbs 27 x 97 5 5 lbs 10 50 2750 lbs,2 75 1 8 lbs 27 x 48 2 75 lbs 10 50 1375 lbs. Spray Rib Lath High 3 8 Rib is a more rigid lath product than. Diamond Mesh and like Spray Lath has strips of kraft paper attached between the. ribs The additional rigidity is well suited for horizontal applications such as soffits. The 3 4 lb High Rib allows for up to 24 spans,Weight Sheet Sheet Sheets Bundles Pallet. sq yard size weight bundle pallet weight,3 4 3 8 lbs 27 x 97 6 8 lbs 10 50 3400 lbs. Managing Quality Control, Metal lath may look the same when palletized Before installation check to see if it is. the correct weight and if it is what was specified. To be assured your lath is CODE COMPLIANT AMICO straps all diamond mesh bundles. with the appropriate identification including weight ASTM ICC ESR and Made in. U S A Furthermore the lath bundle s straps are color coded red strapping for 3 4. blue for 2 5 and yellow for 1 75 for your assurance. When AMICO lath is delivered to the jobsite you can be assured the lath is CODE. COMPLIANT and meets specifications by observing color coded strapping that. complies with the project specifications Each bundle is identified as seen below. AMICO 3 4 sq yd per ASTM C 847 ICC ESR 2247 Made in USA. AMICO 2 5 sq yd per ASTM C 847 ICC ESR 2247 Made in USA. 4 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642,MetaL acceSSorieS.
Corner Beads X 1 and X 2 provide exterior corner, protection and a straight ground for screeding The X 1 Corner Bead. has a 3 wide flange that is flexible and adaptable to various ground. heights The X 1 N Narrow Wing Corner Bead is the same design as. X 1 but with a shorter 2 wide flange The X 2 Reinforced Corner. Bead is superior in strength to X 1 due to added stiffener strips in the. 3 wide flanges,Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet,Style Length Finish X 1. carton carton pallet weight,X 1 10 Galvanized 30 56 lbs 21 1166 lbs. X 1 10 Zinc 30 49 lbs 21 1008 lbs,X 1 10 Stainless 30 56 lbs 21 1166 lbs. X 1 N 8 Galvanized 40 55 lbs 20 1095 lbs,X 1 N 8 Zinc 40 48 lbs 20 935 lbs.
X 2 10 Galvanized 30 76 lbs 21 1600 lbs,X 2 10 Zinc 30 67 lbs 21 1407 lbs. Wire 8 9 10 Galvanized 40 44 lbs 24 1056 lbs X 2, AMICO Wire Corners are discussed further on page 14 Specialty Products. Cornalath is used to reinforce corners and help prevent cracks The. 105 angle offers resistance when placed to the inside of the corner over. the lath Available in galvanized steel only,Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet. Length carton carton pallet weight,3 x 3 8 75 70 8 lbs 15 1062 0 lbs. Striplath is galvanized diamond mesh lath produced in 6 wide strips. with smooth edges Striplath is used to reinforce plaster at the corners of. door and window openings to reduce cracks caused by stress. Length Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet,carton carton pallet weight.
6 x 8 75 70 8 lbs 20 1416 lbs, AMICO recommends the use of zinc or vinyl accessories for all exterior applications. Contact your AMICO representative for a vinyl catalog or visit our website. www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 5,MetaL acceSSorieS. C I Weep TracTM for Continuous Insulation applications is a new component. that permits the application of stucco or thin veneer stone over rigid insulation that. is attached to the outside of the building envelope when seeking to comply with. the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code AMICO s C I Weep Trac System. facilitates that short return of stucco back to the wall at doors windows and soffits. Additionally the C I Weep Trac is an effective foundation weep screed at the base of. the wall meeting International Building Code IBCChapter 25 requirements. The 3 nailing flange serves as a flashing when water resistant breathable. building paper or paper backed lath is installed over the flange Available with holes. in the trough to offer minor moisture weeping capabilities over window and door. heads bases of walls or other conditions that require drainage Fire Testing Pass. NFPA 285 Multi Story flammability test Patent D703 306S and D703 307S The. 3 4 ground will work with 5 8 hardcoat systems, Ground Length Nailing Flange Width Finish Box Count. 3 4 10 3 1 2 Galvanized 24, X 66 Expanded Flange Casing Bead has a 3 expanded mesh. flange with a 1 4 return leg This trim is used to terminate plaster or stucco around. doors windows or any other opening,Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet.
Ground Length Finish,carton carton pallet weight,3 8 10 30 Galvanized 44 lbs 20 880 lbs. Galvanized 47 lbs 940 lbs,1 2 10 30 20,Zinc 44 lbs 880 lbs. Galvanized 49 lbs 980 lbs,5 8 10 30 20,Zinc 47 lbs 940 lbs. Galvanized 51 lbs 1020 lbs,3 4 10 30 Zinc 49 lbs 20 980 lbs. Stainless 51 lbs 1020 lbs,Galvanized 53 lbs 1060 lbs.
7 8 10 30 20,Zinc 51 lbs 1020 lbs,1 10 30 Galvanized 56 lbs 20 1120 lbs. 1 1 4 10 30 Galvanized 59 lbs 20 1180 lbs,1 1 2 10 30 Galvanized 76 lbs 20 1520 lbs. X 66 N 66 and J Metal Beads can be supplied with punched holes in the ground These beads should not be. used in lieu of an FHA approved weep screed at base of wall to be in compliance with ASTM C1063. Not a stock item Call for lead time,6 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642. Metal Accessories, N 66 Narrow Wing Casing Bead is primarily a West Coast product with a profile similar to the X 66 but without the. expanded flange Nail and keying holes are provided in the flange which is approximately 1 3 8 wide Weep holes are optional. Finish Weight Cartons Pallet,Ground Length carton carton pallet weight.
30 Galvanized 37 lbs 30 1110 lbs,Zinc 35 lbs 1050 lbs. 1 2 10 30 Galvanized 39 lbs 30 1170 lbs,3 4 10 30 Galvanized 44 lbs 30 1320 lbs. 7 8 10 30 Galvanized 47 lbs 30 1410 lbs,1 10 30 Zinc 45 lbs 30 1350 lbs. J Metal Bead is used with one coat stucco systems or thin veneer stone Optional holes in ground are spaced at 6 centers. Pieces Nailing flange Weight Bundles,Ground A Length bundle height B bundle pallet. 3 8 10 10 3 1 2 26 lbs 50,1 2 10 10 3 1 2 28 lbs 50.
3 4 10 10 3 1 2 29 lbs 50,7 8 10 10 3 1 2 30 lbs 50. 1 3 8 10 10 1 3 4 21 lbs 100,3 1 2 35 lbs 50,1 1 2 10 10 1 3 4 24 lbs 100. 3 1 2 36 lbs 50, Foundation Weep Screed FHA 7 is required at the base of walls as part of a drainage system for exterior stucco. or veneer stone applications The 3 nailing flange serves as flashing when Grade D building paper or TilathTM Starter Strip is. installed over the flange Holes are punched into the nailing flange for easy attachment to the wall Holes are also placed on top of. the V portion of the flange to provide keying of the stucco mud when wet. Pieces Nailing Weight Bundles,Ground A bundle flange width Finish bundle pallet. 1 2 10 3 1 2 Galvanized 32 lbs 100,Zinc 28 lbs,5 8 10 3 1 2 Galvanized 34 lbs 100.
Zinc 30 lbs,Galvanized 36 lbs 100,7 8 10 3 1 2 Zinc 32 lbs 100. Stainless 36 lbs 100,1 3 8 10 3 1 2 Galvanized 41 lbs 100. Zinc 37 lbs,1 1 2 10 3 1 2 Galvanized 43 lbs 100,Zinc 39 lbs. www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 7,Metal Accessories. Control Joints versus Expansion Joints, Control Joints CJ are 1 piece joints designed to relieve stress and minimize cracking they accommodate initial stucco shrinkage.
and minor thermal movement The Control Joints are required to form membrane panels no larger than 100 sq ft for ceilings and. 144 sq ft for walls Expansion Joints EJ are 2 piece joints designed to accommodate a full break through the structure across. dissimilar surfaces or to deal with some minor structural movement. AMICO Control Joint 15 Joint or M Type is designed to provide for. movement to accommodate expansion and contraction caused by initial stucco shrinkage and minor. thermal movement Produced in galvanized steel and zinc alloy in 10 lengths Comes pre taped to. ensure a clean joint,Finish Weight Cartons Pallet,Ground carton carton pallet weight. 3 8 24 Galvanized 49 lbs 20 980 lbs,24 Galvanized 66 lbs 20 1320 lbs. Zinc 50 lbs 20 1000 lbs,Control joint installed,24 Galvanized 65 lbs 20 1320 lbs. 5 8 on top of lath to,Zinc 58 lbs 20 1150 lbs,facilitate wire tying. Galvanized 71 lbs 20 1420 lbs joint flange to the lath. 3 4 24 Zinc 61 lbs 20 1220 lbs,Stainless 71 lbs 20 1420 lbs.
Griplock J Control Joint XJ15 Joint is similar to the M Control Joint except the J design provides locking of. the stucco to the edge of the joint This design helps reduce stucco separation at the edge of the joint when stucco is forced under. the J flange Produced in 10 lengths Griplock J comes pre taped to ensure a clean joint. Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet,Ground Finish,carton carton pallet weight. 24 Galvanized 70 lbs 20 1400 lbs,Zinc 61 lbs 1220 lbs. 24 Galvanized 77 lbs 20 1540 lbs,Zinc 64 lbs 1280 lbs. 24 Galvanized 80 lbs 20 1600 lbs,Zinc 66 lbs 1320 lbs. Zinc Control Joint has a solid flange with large holes that aid in the attachment of adjoining metal lath The improved. shoulder design allows for easier stucco embedment and increases holding capacity at the joint to minimize cracking CJ comes. pre taped to ensure a clean joint Produced in 10 lengths. Product Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet,Grounds carton carton pallet weight.
CJ380 3 8 25 51 lbs 20 1020 lbs,CJ500 1 2 25 60 lbs 20 1200 lbs. CJ750 3 4 25 66 lbs 20 1320 lbs,8 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642. MetaL acceSSorieS, Inside Corner Control Joint 30 Joint is similar to the. standard M Type joint but the flanges are bent to an angle to form inside. corners allowing movement Produced in galvanized steel in 10 lengths Verify. availability and lead time,Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet. Ground Finish,carton carton pallet weight,1 2 24 Galvanized 66 lbs 20 1320 lbs.
M SlideTM 2 Piece Expansion Joints, Horizontal and Vertical are water management accessories that. work like the 40 Joint for movement but improve the flashing and drainage. from the area The M SlideTM Horizontal combines a weep screed design with. a larger solid flange on bottom to provide intermediate flashing drainage at. mid floor expansion The M SlideTM Vertical utilizes larger flanges and a stiffer. design to pre set the vertical joint for proper attachment Both versions are. produced from G 90 pre galvanized steel finish providing additional protection. Horizontal Vertical, The 7 8 grounds will work for both 3 4 and 7 8 hard coat systems Produced. in 10 lengths,Pieces Weight Cartons Pallet,Product Grounds carton carton pallet weight. M Slide H 7 8 10 110 lbs 12 1320 lbs,M Slide V 7 8 10 88 lbs 12 1056 lbs. 2 Piece Expansion Joint 40 Joint is used to accommodate. movement both horizontally and vertically caused by expansion and contraction. in the structure Installed at through wall expansion joints or where there is a. transition from one type of construction to another such as with CMU to wood or. metal framing The opening in the joint is adjustable from 1 4 to 5 8 Produced. in 10 ft lengths 15 pieces and 150 lineal feet per carton Special order and. requires additional lead time,Galvanized Weight Zinc Weight.
Grounds per 1000 Lin Feet per 1000 Lin Feet,1 2 378 lbs 352 lbs. 3 4 408 lbs 380 lbs,7 8 423 lbs 394 lbs,www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 9. Installation Key Points, These installation key points are based upon acceptable industry practice Concrete Attach lath to masonry or concrete with power or powder. and ASTM C1063 Standard Specification for Installation of Metal Lath actuated fasteners or hardened concrete stub nails One fastener attached at. Always consult your area building official before beginning any project to each corner and one at the mid point of the long dimension along the edge. familiarize yourself with any local code requirements This guide should not of the sheet Install remaining fasteners in rows not more than 16 on center. replace the designs and judgments of a qualified engineer and or architect and vertically spaced rows not more 7 on center All fasteners shall be. corrosion resistant not less than 3 4 long with head diameter not less than. Lath Installation 3 8 With Insulated Concrete Forms ICF consult the manufacturer. Permanently attach foundation weep screed to the solid substrate at the Rib Lath 3 8 rib lath shall be attached to horizontal wood framing. bottom of wood or metal framed exterior walls as directed by code Attach 6 members with nails or staples with penetration into framing members not. wide Grade D Tilath Starter Strip over the weep screed to assure proper less than 1 3 4 Screws shall penetrate wood framing not less than 5 8. ship lapping of the WRB Install lath beginning at the bottom right hand and metal framing not less than 3 8 and pass through but not deforming. corner of the wall With paper backed lath leave the paper hanging over at the rib Rib lath is attached at each rib along framing members Rib lath. the top and to the left of the sheet The backing is offset on the lath allowing attached to open web steel joists by single ties of galvanized annealed steel. for a minimum 2 paper overlap on one end and one side The paper is wire not less than 0 0475 with the ends of each tie twisted together 1 1 2. retracted on the opposite end and side The long dimension of the sheets times Rib lath attached to concrete joists with loops of 0 080 galvanized. should always be installed perpendicular to the framing As properly installed annealed steel wire with the ends of each loop twisted together. when ones hand is moved in a downward motion it is smooth and rough. when moved upward Lap lath minimum 1 2 at sides and 1 at ends with Fastener Spacing. laps paper to paper and metal to metal Apply the second sheet to the left. Lath Spacing of rows of nails staples or screws corresponds to the. of the first sheet lapping lath over lath and paper over paper allowing water. framing spacing and rows spaced 7 on center vertically Wire tie lath using. to flow to the exterior Place the third sheet centered above the first two. 0 0475 18 GA wire 9 on center at edges ends and at laps between. sheets This staggers the vertical butt joint seams and allows a more uniform. framing members On plywood sheathing only lath may be nailed or stapled. dispersal of stress a similar process to laying brick Lath is to be furred. in lieu of tying at the same center 9 spacing Attach accessories to remain. away from vertical supports in excess of 1 5 8 wide or solid surfaces at. properly aligned during application every 7 o c with nails staples or tie wire. least 1 4 AMICO Self furring dimpled or V Groove and high rib lath meets. these furring requirements Finish materials are subject to a maximum span. or spacing between framing members In order to understand lath selection. Accessory Fasteners, and framing refer to the table on page 3 of this catalog Support Spacing For Accessories Attach weep screed corner and casing beads with nails. Metal Lath or Table 3 of ASTM C1063 Shears or metal cutting scissors can staples or tie wires along the framing member horizontal or vertical. be used to notch and cut lath Wrap lath through external corners with corner bead then fasten true and. Rib Lath Installation Due to increased possibilities of unacceptable plumb Casing beads shall terminate finish around doors windows or. cracking AMICO does not recommend rib lath on vertical surfaces Rib lath other openings The nose of corner casing and weep screed can be used. is to be installed with the nose of the V ribs in direct contact with framing as a screed for the stucco brown coat but must be embedded by 1 8 inch. members Overlap sheets one rib and ends a minimum 1 End to end joints thickness of plaster on the final coat We recommend the use of zinc vinyl or. of rib lath to be wire tied at each rib stainless steel accessories for all exterior applications Galvanized fasteners. are not to be used with stainless steel lath or accessories All vinyl butt joints. should be embedded in sealant and sealed after installation as required. Lath Fasteners, Expansion and Control Joints It is difficult to anticipate or prevent plaster.
Wood Framing Attach lath to vertical wood framing members with 1. cracks they can be largely controlled by means of 2 piece expansion joints. roofing nails or 6d common nails bent over to engage not less than three. Expansion Joints permit some degree of movement in the stucco membrane. strands of lath or 1 wire staples with 3 4 crown driven flush with the. caused by movement of the building or its components thus minimizes. plaster base All driven fasteners penetrate framing a minimum of 3 4. damage to the stucco and weather resistive barrier 1 piece Control Joints. When lath is applied over sheathing fasteners shall penetrate the structural. shall be installed to minimize stress due to stucco curing and drying. members not less than 3 4 Screws to attach lath to horizontal and vertical. shrinkage and minor movement along predetermined lines and as a screed. wood framing shall penetrate framing not less than 5 8 and shall engage. to aid in stucco thickness control Walls and ceilings that use lath for the. not less than three strands of lath Lath shall be attached to horizontal wood. plaster base should be divided into rectangular panels with control joints at. framing members with 1 1 2 roofing nails with a minimum 7 16 diameter. least every 18 feet or at the juncture of a dissimilar wall or in either direction. head driven flush with the plaster base, in a length to width ratio of 2 to 1 or in ceilings exceeding 100 sq ft or. Metal Framing Lath shall be attached to metal framing members with walls exceeding 144 feet in area These joints should be installed so the lath. 0 0475 18GA wire ties clips or by other means of attachment which afford is broken underneath the joint and wire tied to the lath to function properly. carrying strength and resistance to corrosion equal to or superior to that of WRB shall be continuous beneath expansions and control joints. the wire Screws shall penetrate a minimum of 3 8 through metal framing. and shall engage not less than three strands of lath. 10 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642,Installation Detail Photos. Attachment of Lath to studs Attachment of Rib Lath to ceilings. 1 7 16 wafer head screws are power driven to allow quick and 1 2 75 1 8 Flat Rib Lath installed horizontally can span up to. easy attachment of Diamond Mesh Lath to framing members 16 o c 3 4 3 8 High Rib Lath is attached with nose of rib in. contact with the ceiling joist and spaced at 24 o c max. 2 Diamond Mesh Lath can be cut to size with hand tools. Attachment of trims joints, 1 Type M Control Joint is installed vertically over the window. Attachment to solid surfaces opening allowing for expansion and contraction. 1 Self Furred Diamond Mesh Lath is secured to masonry surfaces. with corrosion resistant hardened concrete nails power or. powder driven fasteners and stub nails following guidelines per. ASTM C1063 Paper backed lath is often used in this type of. application as a bond breaker, 2 AMICO X 1 Corner Bead provides protection for outside corners. and a reliable straight ground for screeding, 2 The scratch coat is applied with complete embedment of the self.
furred lath in the plaster, 3 X 66 Expanded Casing Bead is typically installed at door and. 3 Scratch coat is fully embedded in the lath and is isolated from window openings as a plaster stop. supporting structure Water resistant backing paper allows. controlled and uniform curing of this plaster foundation. www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 11,Specialty Metal Products. Wire Corners provide for rounder corners embedding all reinforcement They are manufactured and formed from zinc coated. wire and packaged in standard 10 lengths 8 and 9 lengths can be special ordered Wire corners are packaged 40 pieces per. carton with 24 cartons per pallet,Style Flange size Weight carton. Straight 2 5 x 2 5 48 0 lbs,Straight BN 7 8 2 5 x 2 5 36 8 lbs. Straight 2 wire 2 5 x 2 5 49 4 lbs,Arch 2 5 x 2 5 34 0 lbs.
Arch BN 2 5 x 1 5 34 0 lbs,Bullnose 2 5 x 2 5 48 0 lbs. Bullnose short 2 5 x 1 5 40 0 lbs,Bullnose 2 wire 2 5 x 2 5 49 4 lbs. Short Flange 2 5 x 1 5 48 0 lbs,Short Flange BN 7 8 2 5 x 1 5 40 0 lbs. Galvanized Hanger and Tie Wire are used to support CRC gridwork for. stucco and acoustical or drywall ceilings Hanger wire is produced in 8 9 and 12 gauge. galvanized soft annealed steel in 12 lengths Tie wire is produced in 18 gauge galvanized. soft annealed steel in 28 lengths,Product Gauges Length Weight package. Hanger Wire 8 9 12 12 50 lb hanks,Tie Wire 18 28 25 lb hanks.
12 www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642,Stainless steel Lath Accessories. Stainless Steel Type 304 provides excellent corrosion resistance for specialty lath. applications SS304 Lath can be used over sheathing boards to carry conventional stucco stone. finishes and for external insulation requirements SS304 Lath is used in coastal environments. near water fireproofing or where higher corrosion resistance is desired Produced both flat. and self furred Dimpled, When stainless steel lath and stainless accessories are installed adjacent to galvanized lath or. accessories the two dissimilar materials shall be separated by a non metallic spacer. Weight sq yard Alloy Sheet weight Nominal sheet size Sheets bundle. 2 5 lbs 304 approx 5 00 lbs 27 x 97 10,3 4 lbs 304 approx 6 80 lbs 27 x 97 10. Stainless Steel Corner Bead Stainless Steel Control Joint. Ground Length Pieces Weight Ground Length Pieces Weight. Product Product,carton carton carton carton, Corner Bead 10 30 56 lbs Control Joint 3 4 10 10 71 lbs. Stainless Steel Casing Bead Stainless Steel Foundation Weep Screed. Ground Length Pieces Weight Ground Length Pieces Weight. Product Product,carton carton carton carton, Casing Bead 3 4 10 30 51 lbs Weep Screed 7 8 10 10 36 lbs.
Call for availability and lead time for Stainless Steel. lath and accessories,www amicoglobal com 800 366 2642 13.

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Asset Liability Matrix Analysis Derived from the Flow of

Flow-of-Funds Accounts. The alterations in the object-economy could be derived either from the shifts in the money market operation or from the mutation in the flow-of-funds structure of the economy reflected in the coefficient matrix of the ALM. In this treatise,

EE6XXX Series (AY2019 20 Course Syllabus

EE6XXX Series AY2019 20 Course Syllabus

be able to analyse and assess the performance of RF receiver subsystems for wireless communications. STUDENT ASSESSMENT . Continuous Assessment 20 % Final Examination 80 % . TEXTBOOKS . 1. D.M. Pozar, Microwave Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2005. 2. .U.L. Rohde and D.P. Newkirk, RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Application. John ...

Toegepaste Wiskunde voor het hoger beroepsonderwijs

Toegepaste Wiskunde voor het hoger beroepsonderwijs

Toegepaste Wiskunde, deel 1 Uitwerking herhalingsopgaven hoofdstuk 6 Pagina 2 van 12 Uitwerking herhalingsopgaven hoofdstuk 6, paragraaf 6.8 4