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2014 ATEA Conference 6 9 July ACU North Sydney NSW
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Teacher Education An audit,Building a platform for future engagement. Australian Teacher Education Association 2014 Conference. Conference Handbook Abstracts,6 9 July 2014,Australian Catholic University. The Peter Cosgrove Centre,Level 22 Tenison Woods House. 8 20 Napier Street,North Sydney NSW,Table of Contents. Sponsors 3,Satchel Inserts 3,Keynote Speakers 4, V ENUE MAP CONFERENCE T ENISON W OODS H OUSE AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY N ORTH SYDNEY 6.
V ENUE MAP DINNER K IRRIBILLI CLUB LAVENDER B AY N ORTH SYDNEY 7. Day 1 Sunday 6 July 2014 8, Early Career and Higher Degree Research Workshop Program 9. Day 2 Monday 7 July 2014 10,Day 3 Tuesday 8 July 2014 14. Day 4 Wednesday 9th July 2014 17,Trade Displays 19. Donors of Awards 19,Social Program 20,General Information 21. Conference Venue 21,Conference Proceedings 21,Conference Registration 21.
Parking 21,Wifi Access 21,Travelling to ACU North Sydney Campus 21. Sydney in Winter 22,Name Badges 22,Contacts 22,Disclaimer 22. Abstracts 23,2014 Delegate List 64,First Author index 67. Program information contained in this handbook is accurate as at 27th June 2014. Welcome from the ATEA President and 2014 ATEA Conference Convenor. Welcome to the 2014 Australian Teacher Education Association conference in Sydney. This year the conference is hosted by the Australian Catholic University at the North. Sydney Campus Professor Tania Aspland and her wonderful team of supporters have. put together a stellar conference program that draws on the very best of research from. our membership The conference theme Teacher Education An audit building platform. for future engagement highlights the import of evidence and partnerships as the focus. of national attention continues to stare at teacher education quality Our Association is. extraordinarily well placed to provide the detail to inform national debates and policy. We continue to have impact as a peak body for teacher education research through our. highly esteemed journal and through the profiling of papers in our annual conference. We are a strong network and this past year has seen us work together to quickly provide. comment to policy makers from our experience expertise and research evidence This. year s conference will help us to go from strength to strength. This year is also my final as current President for the Association I d like to take this. opportunity to thank all who have supported me over the past two years in the role It. has been a great privilege to serve,Kind Regards, Professor Nanette Bahr and Professor Tania Aspland. ATEA President and 2014 ATEA Conference Convenor, We sincerely appreciate the support of our sponsors and hope as ATEA members you are able to.
support them in return,Satchel Inserts,Hunter Institute of Mental Health. Keynote Speakers,PROFESSOR IAN MENTER,PROFESSOR OF TEACHER EDUCATION. UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, Before moving to Oxford Professor Menter was Professor of Teacher. Education at the University of Glasgow Prior to that he held posts at the. University of the West of Scotland Dean of Education and Media London. Metropolitan University Head of School of Education University of the West. of England and the University of Gloucestershire Ian was President of the. Scottish Educational Research Association from 2005 07 and chaired the. Research and Development Committee of the Universities Council for the. Education of Teachers from 2008 11 Professor Menter is an Academician of. the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and. is a Visiting Professor at the University of Nottingham and at Newman. University College Birmingham, Ian s research interests are in teacher education and teachers work with a particular interest in policy He has carried. out a number of home international comparative studies within the UK including ESRC sponsored initiatives and has. led projects commissioned by the Scottish Government and The National College for School Leadership. Ian is a member of the editorial team of the British Journal of Educational Research and is a founding editor of Review. of Education a new journal of the British Educational Research Association launching in 2013 He is a convenor of two. UK wide research groups TEG Teacher Education Group and CAPeR UK Curriculum Assessment and Pedagogy. Reform across the UK,PROFESSOR JAMES ARVANITAKIS,HEAD OF THE ACADEMY.
UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN SYDNEY, Professor James Arvanitakis the Head of The Academy at the University of. Western Sydney where is also a lecturer in the Humanities and a member of. the University s Institute for Cultural and Society His research areas include. citizenship resilience piracy and the future of universities James is a regular. media commentator and has his own segment on FBI Radio. James was a former banker and advocate for free trade but having. witnessed child and indentured labour has worked to develop sustainable. socially just and equitable economic policies working as a human rights. activist throughout the Pacific Indonesia and Europe. After being internationally recognised for his innovative teaching style in 2012. James was awarded the Prime Minister s University Teacher of the Year Award In the same year he received an ARC. Discover Grant as chief investigator researching citizenship and young people His latest book is an edited collection. released entitled The Citizen of the Twenty First Century and was released in November 2013. PROFESSOR CLAIRE WYATT SMITH,EXECUTIVE DEAN FACULTY OF EDUCATION AND ARTS. AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSTIY, Professor Wyatt Smith is Executive Dean Faculty of Education and Arts. Other positions she has held include Dean Academic in the Arts Education. and Law Group Griffith University with responsibilities across a range of. schools 2011 2012 Dean of the Faculty of Education 2006 2010 and. Research Director of the Centre for Applied Language Literacy and. Communication Studies 2004 2006 Before that she was at the University. of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology following her. appointment as head of the English department at All Hallows School in. Professor Wyatt Smith has a distinguished scholarly background and. publication record in education She has been successful in attracting. substantial National Competitive Grants and has been chief investigator on. several government funded projects These have been primarily in the fields. of literacy and assessment The sustained focus of her research and teaching. has been on standards judgement and how assessment can serve the dual. purposes of learning improvement and accountability A complementary focus is on how new technologies impact. learning and learners Professor Wyatt Smith has undertaken significant consultancy and advisory roles on evidence. based policy at state and national government levels as well as internationally Her current work is examining. professional judgement moderation and the use of standards in teaching and clinical professional practice Most. recently her work in judgement and standards in both practice and research led to her taking up the Inaugural. Teaching Fellowship Hong Kong University Faculty of Dentistry Her doctoral supervisions have included studies in. assessment and judgement in schooling and in clinical medical practice Through research studies and partnerships. Professor Wyatt Smith has generated new conceptual and applied knowledge with direct relevance to educational. assessment literacy and related curriculum policy directions This work has included an investigation into the. provision of support for students with learning difficulties as well as the development of several undergraduate and. postgraduate program initiatives, VENUE MAP CONFERENCE TENISON W OODS HOUSE AUSTRALIAN. CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY NORTH S YDNEY, The Peter Cosgrove Centre Level 22 Tenison Woods House 8 20 Napier Street North Sydney.
VENUE MAP DINNER K IRRIBILLI CLUB LAVENDER BAY NORTH SYDNEY. Harbourview Lounge Kirribilli Club 11 Harbourview Crescent Lavender Bay. Please note that this program is subject to change and only the presenting authors are acknowledged in this program for a detailed list of the contributing authors please. refer to the abstracts,Day 1 Sunday 6 July 2014, 1000 1545 Early Career and Higher Degree Research Pre Conference Workshop. See program on page 9,1600 1800 ATEA Executive Meeting. Level 18 Function Room Tenison Woods House,1600 1800 Registration commences. Foyer The Peter Cosgrove Centre Level 22 Tenison Woods House. 1800 2100 Welcome President s Reception, Foyer The Peter Cosgrove Centre Level 22 Tenison Woods House. Presentation of Early Career Research Award, Early Career and Higher Degree Research Workshop Program.
DAY 1 SUNDAY 6th JULY 2014,1000 1030 Registration Meet and Greet. Morning tea on arrival, 1030 1045 Acknowledgement of Country Welcome to pre conference workshop Workshop overview ECR HDR ATEA Exec introductions Celebrate the involvement of ECR HDR. members in the conference and encourage networking collaboration across the week within and beyond the ECR HDR group Professor Nanette Bahr ATEA President. 1045 1100 CREATE Early Career Researcher Network of ATEA Introduce and establishing a network for ECR and HDR members to provide information support and collaboration. during and beyond the conference CREATE lunch during conference monthly newsletter network building peer feedback and critical reading groups collaboration on. research ideas targeted PD opportunities networking with Deans ATEA Exec Facilitator Dr Chad Morrison ATEA Exec Member UniSA. 1100 1145 Networking with Interdisciplinary Communities Insights and advice on engaging with diverse interdisciplinary communities for mutually beneficial outcomes. Facilitator Professor James Arvanitakis Head of the Academy UWS. 1145 1245 Roundtable presentations ECR HDR members present their current research projects to each other in roundtable format The small group discussion format to provide. opportunities for network building collaboration and elaboration on current work Feedback from other ECR HDR members provides opportunities to extend conversations in. preparation for engagement across the conference Facilitators Professor Nanette Bahr Professor James Arvanitakis Associate Professor Joce Nuttal and Dr Suzy Edwards. invited to sit in on ECR HDR roundtable presentations. 1245 1315 Publishing in the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education Advice from the Editors. Introduction to the importance of networking to publishing knowing where to pitch your manuscripts and why followed by small group roundtable workshopping of. participants current conference papers chapters and ideas for journal submission Facilitators Associate Professor Joce Nuttal ACU Associate Professor Suzy Edwards. ACU co Editors of APJTE,1315 1400 LUNCH Level 22 Foyer. 1400 1430 Building research networks How to create research collaborations to build research momentum and support publications Facilitator Professor Michele Simons Dean of. Education UWS, 1430 1500 Understanding and engaging with the conference themes How to use the conference and its foci to enhance your development and focus for the coming twelve months of. the HDR or ECR journey Facilitator Professor Simone White ATEA President Elect Chair of Teacher Education Monash University. 1500 1545 Q A Panel networking with ATEA Executive members and Deans of Education attending conference An opportunity for HDRs and ECRs to network with prominent. members of the teacher education community within ATEA Facilitators Professor Nanette Bahr ATEA President Assistant Dean Teaching and Learning QUT Professor. Simone White ATEA President Elect Chair of Teacher Education Monash University Professor Michele Simons Dean of Education UWS Professor Tania Aspland Head. National School of Education ACU ATEA Executive Members. Day 2 Monday 7 July 2014, 0900 1000 Acknowledgement of Country Dr Leanne King Academic Coordinator Yalbalinga ACU.
Welcome and opening Remarks Professor Nanette Bahr ATEA President and QUT Faculty of Education Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning and Professor Tania. Aspland Head National School of Education Faculty of Education and Arts Australian Catholic University. 1000 1100 Only Connect Research and teacher education in the UK. Keynote Speaker Professor Ian Menter Professor of Teacher Education University of Oxford. 1100 1130 MORNING TEA Level 22 Foyer,Opening of Exhibits. CONCURRENT SESSIONS, Room Level 18 Room A B Level 16 A B John Slowey Council Room Level The Peter Cosgrove Centre B The Peter Cosgrove Centre A. 1130 School based approaches to pre Constructivist pedagogical The positioning of the coach and Symposium. 1200 service Primary Science Teacher reforms in Asian countries the transformative agency of Praxis model of teacher. Education resulting in gains in Analysis of contemporary teachers The problem of education Liberating learning as. confidence constraints and affordances constituting joint meaning in an critical social act. based on Activity Theory underperforming secondary. Dr Linda Hobbs Chair Dr Neil Hooley,Mathematics department. Deakin University Dr Thanh Pham Discussant Professor Marie. Monash University Dr Sol DiMaggio Brennan,DEECD Ms Julie Arnold Dr Peter. Burridge Mr Tony Edwards Dr, 1200 Professional Experiences What Relating emotions to social Learning to teach mentoring and The Teaching School Model A Greg Neal Dr Sarah Tartakover.
1230 works Why relationships and democracy in peers Exploring the possibilities strong foundational. ICT embedded classrooms in the professional placement school university partnership Paper 1 Activating. Associate Professor Rosie phronesis praxis as the,that capitalises on Pair. LeCornu Xiaoxia Wang Dr Angelina Ambrosetti philosophical practice of teacher. Placement Practices and is, University of South Australia La Trobe University Central Queensland University education. supported by Systematic,Research Dr Neil Hooley,Dr Deb Neal Victoria University. Dr Catherine Lang Paper 2 Advancing school, La Trobe University university partnerships that focus.

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