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2012 Watershed Science and Technical Conference
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Purpose of the Guide, To provide guidance to improve land use decisions with respect to flooding. and flood damage,Created for,Elected officials,Planning and zoning board members. Development professionals, Funded in part with Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program HMGP. funds provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. and administered by the New York State Emergency Management Office. Guide Topics,Flooding causes and the relationship to. development,Government agencies and regulations,associated with flood control and flood.
hazard mitigation,Comprehensive and watershed planning. Mamaroneck March 2007,Photo credit Peggy Jackson,Stormwater management. Successful floodplain management tools,Local ordinances. Site plan review tools,Stormwater management design Rain garden. Chapter 1 Introduction,The Basics of Flooding,Regional Cost of a Local Flood.
Government Framework,Public Outreach and Involvement. April 2007 Nor easter,Everyone Pays Flooded or Not. 2007 April Nor easter Costs,Westchester County,Damage to homes. Inaccessible 5,Minor damage 1 141,Major damage 1 106. Destroyed 209, Approximately 27 million dollars in response costs and.
damages was applied for in Westchester County through. FEMA s Public Assistance program for county municipal. governments school districts fire districts private and. non for profits,Governmental Framework,Local State. The Role of,Westchester County,Health Department,Emergency Services. Information Technology,Public Works,Environmental Facilities. Municipal Tax Parcel Viewer,The Role of Municipal Government. Adoption and enforcement of,Local Laws,Implementation of the National.
Flood Insurance Program NFIP,Building and Zoning Code. Administration,Local Emergency Management,Public Involvement. Public hearings are part of,municipalities permit,Stormwater and floodplain. management are often left,as a condition of approval. Removes the issues from the,public and local board.
Chapter 2 Long Range Planning and,Floodplain Management. Comprehensive Plans,Watershed Plans,Drainage Districts. Stormwater Management Plans,Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans. Capital Improvement Plans,No Adverse Impact NAI Floodplain. Management,Multi Hazard and Flood Hazard Mitigation Plans.
Comprehensive Plans,The plan should include,Current land use. Identification of impervious surfaces,Open space inventory. Identification of flood hazard and,flood prone areas using FIRM maps. and other data,Specific goals and objectives,should be identified that spell. out vision for natural resource,management,If development in flood prone.
areas is a problem goals can be,developed to address this. Chapter 3 Local Codes to Address Flooding,Flood Damage Prevention. Wetlands Streams and Watercourses,Steep Slopes and Erosion Control. Subdivision Regulations,Stormwater and Erosion Control Ordinance. Environmental Quality Review SEQR,Flood Damage Prevention.
NYSDEC Model Law,Designed to comply,with the floodplain. management,requirements of the,National Flood,Insurance Program. City of Utica,Flood insurance,Wetlands Streams and Watercourses. Wetlands clean,stormwater by trapping,sediment removing. nutrients and detoxifying,Help control flooding by.
storing and then slowly,releasing stormwater,Center for Watershed Protection.

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