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EXCELLENCE,It s been a while since,we ve started our first balsa. wood kayaks back in the,Since then we have,embraced kayak. manufacturing with all our,hearts We developed,craftsmanship that allows. us today to produce a,High End Quality Design,and attention to detail. We ve been constantly,updating design and,manufacturing processes.
over the years and,nowadays we have adopted,3D Computer Design to. assist hand shaping,creating symmetrical and,flawless surfaces and. proven engineered hulls and,decks Besides the over the. years perfected wet lay up,lamination we re,introducing Resin Infusion. and the strongest and,lightest sandwich lay ups,Accessories wise we only.
use specialized third party,parts We have chosen the. best available in the market,from different,manufacturers. The design in our kayaks is,key Our image is created. by award winning,designers The result are,stunning paint jobs modern. graphics and some creative,features such as the New.
Wood Veneer Series The,MADE IN EUROPE,FROM PORTUGAL. TO THE WORLD,Countering the tendency to dislocate,production to cheap labour. countries Goltziana s production,process and quality is assured by the. founder itself from scratch,Everyone from our specialized team. of workers were taught by Eduardo,Traveira and every single one of.
them some how share the,experience achieved by him over a. lifetime dedicated to producing,This all results in creating one of the. most quality oriented kayak on the,THE KAYAKS,A COMPLETE RANGE. A kayak for every need and taste,COME CHOSE YOURS,GOLTZIANA S WAVE RIDER. WE PRODUCE KAYAKS SINCE 1979, It s now time to add wave paddling to our range of products.
so we are pleased to introduce you the WAVYAK,SINCE THE 90 S JOPARESI WAS LOOKING FOR THE. IDEAL SURFKAYAK AND COMBINING HIS DESIGN WITH,EDUARDO TRAVEIRA S EXPERTISE BOTH CREATED AN. HYBRID HALF SURFKAYAK HALF WAVESKI A WAVYAK,SPECS WAVYAK. LENGTH 2 30 M,WIDTH 0 62 M,WEIGHT 10 KGS,MAX WEIGHT 90 KGS. Flat Hull with round edge on the front sharp edge on the rear overall. 60 40 bodyboard inspired rail and slight V concave on the rear of the fins. line The outcome responsiveness control and speed,Medium rocker to not compromise the speed.
Square Tail Tail square with power box to quick turns to speed up. the take off and avoid the sinking in the end,Construction Fiberglass or Kevlar Carbon. Gear as a SurfKayak knee straps backrest footrests hand toggle set. Gear as a WaveSki foot strap seat belt hand toggle and set of 3 fins. This kayak is most suitable for small to medium size paddlers. A favourite among women paddlers The Fiji is a fast and very SPECS. maneuverable kayak for its length with no need for rudder It LENGTH 4 83 M. behaves very well on the open sea although being a kayak for the WIDTH 0 58 M. intermediate paddler and not so extreme conditions. WEIGHT 19 KGS, Comfort is a key aspect on this kayak and the Cargo capacity is very. good allowing the paddler to take the Fiji for those longer paddles MAX WEIGHT 95 KGS. A very good kayak to start paddling with,The New Solaris. Inspired by the Esquimo tipe kayaks the Solaris is our top. performer in high winds and rough seas, The outstanding lateral stability is assured by the chined design SPECS Solaris. of the hull This feature enables paddlers to make extreme. lateral maneuvers without getting wet It feels like the Solaris is LENGTH 5 00 M. much wider than it really is With good space for cargo this is WIDTH 0 55 M. the ideal choice for the paddler who wants to have fun in the WEIGHT 20 KGS. sea and yet make short to medium plus autonomy paddles MAX WEIGHT 110 KGS. Due to its out of the ordinary stability and maneuverability this. kayak can be used as a beginners kayak and at the same time. by experienced paddlers that want to take their paddling to the. The Marlin, The Marlin has been designed for the paddlers who want a kayak SPECS.
that glides in the water Very fast and stable this is the ideal kayak LENGTH 5 18 M. for the great scenarios WIDTH 0 58 M, The cargo capacity is very generous allowing it to be the best WEIGHT 22 KGS. option for expeditions and long paddles Due to it s volume it can. fit heavier and bigger paddlers without compromising MAX WEIGHT 125 KGS. performance,The Kitiwec,The kayak for the experienced paddler. The kitiwec is excellent for extreme sea, conditions It s hull design with twin high LENGTH 5 37 M. tips makes it easy to overcome the waves WIDTH 0 56 M. Outstanding entering the the sea in heavy WEIGHT 20 KGS. shorebreaks The reduced height of this,MAX WEIGHT 120 KGS. kayak makes it highly resistant to wind,The choice for thrill seekers.
The two seater is an extraordinarily SPECS, comfortable safe and stable kayak Ideal for both LENGTH 6 00 M. small and big expeditions Excellent behaviour in WIDTH 0 61 M. any sea conditions It has a remarkable cargo, capacity and the fact of being equipped with two WEIGHT 26 KGS. oval hatches makes access much easier MAX WEIGHT 250 KGS. Woodveneer,Kayak Series,THE NEW WOODIE KAYAK,The First Wood Finish Laminat. 100 FIBER GLASS,The Wooodie, This series is the result of years trying to find the best compromise. between wood finish lightweight and strength, This is the first wood kayak 100 laminated with fiberglass The.
wood outer layer is a printed fiberglass that keeps all the physical. and structural properties optimized for kayak building this way you. get stunning look weight reduction and structural strength. Be the first to show off this next step of dazzling wooden kayaks. Available in different layouts colours and wood types on the Marlin. Solaris and Fiji,PORTUGAL SPAIN THE NETHERLANDS,GOLTZIANA KAYAKS NORDES KAYAKS KAJAN WATERSPORT. Estrada de Coimbra lote cd Jaime Corral Barreiro Jan de With. 3080 Figueira da Foz Apartado de correos n 53 Turfstuke 20. tel 00351966217366 36940 Cangas Pontevedra 8465 RR Oudehaske. fax 00351233426969 tel 34 986 304055 tel 06 22616553. www goltziana com fax 34 986 300158 www kajan nl, joaotraveira goltziana com administracion nordeskayak com kajan watersport home nl. SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND,NAUTOPP KAJAKK FRTTID WELHONPESA OY. Torbjorn Soderholm Katherine Olufsen Sveinung Christiansen Ari Holmi. Kungsgatan 57 vre Storgate Kauppakuja 10 po box 25. 453 33 Lysekil 124N 3018 Drammen 01801 Klaukkala, tel 46 0 732 632563 tel 32832710 tel 358 9 8798886. www nautopp com www kajakk fritid no mobile 358 40 5442501. torbjorn nautopp com info kajakk fritid no www welhonpesa fi. kathrine nautopp com welho nettilinja fi,DENMARK UNITED STATES DEALERS WANTED.
KKK PADDLEPOINT If you are interested on distributing our. Lasse Offenbach Rick Bartell products in your country please. Messingvej 20D 8900 Randers Paddlepoint cox net contact us. tel 86462670 87119985 Dealers Wanted,fax 87119985,www kkkc dk.

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