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Acknowledgments,Lab Research Ownership,Medical Students 1. International Medical Students 3,Undergraduate Students 5. Abstracts Medical Students 7,Abstracts International Medical Students 43. Abstracts Undergraduates 51,Faculty Mentors 101,Departments 105. Medical Student Class Photo 109,Undergraduate Class Photo 111.
Student Abstracts Volume XXI Summer 2006, The University of Texas at Houston Medical School UTHMS Summer Research. Program provides intensive hands on laboratory research training for MS 1 medical. students and undergraduate college students under the direct supervision of experienced. faculty researchers and teachers These faculty members enthusiasm for scientific. discovery and commitment to teaching is vital for a successful training program It is. these dedicated scientists who organize the research projects to be conducted by the. The trainee s role in the laboratory is to participate to the fullest extent of her his ability in. the research project being performed This involves carrying out the technical aspects of. experimental analyses interpreting data and summarizing results The results are. presented as an abstract and are written in the trainees own words that convey an. impressive degree of understanding of the complex projects in which they were involved. To date more than 1 500 students have gained research experience through the. UTHMS Summer Research Program Past trainees have advanced to pursue research. careers in the biomedical sciences as well as gain an appreciation of the relationship. between basic and clinical research and clinical practice. This the second year of a new program which was initiated for international medical. students from schools with whom we have cooperative agreements These international. medical students perform research and participate in all of the Program s supplemental. activities Abstracts submitted by the international medical students are in this. publication see the International Medical Students section. UTHMS student research training is supported by a grant from the National Institute of. Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases NIDDK and by financial support from the. Dean and the departments and faculty of the Medical School. Science education remains a vital and integral part of our nation s interests The UTHMS. Summer Research Program and the dedication of our faculty and administration. exemplify the institution s commitment to training and educating the future leaders in our. scientific communities,Gary C Rosenfeld Ph D,Director Summer Research Program. Assistant Dean for Educational Programs,Student Abstracts Volume XXI Summer 2006. Acknowledgements, This publication marks the completion of the twenty first year of The University of. Texas at Houston Medical School UTHMS Summer Research Program The. longevity and success of the program are rooted in the overwhelming support received. from the deans faculty staff and students of UT at Houston Medical School. Indicative of this support is the administrative assistance and financial support. provided by the UTHMS Sincere appreciation is expressed to Jerry Wolinsky M D. Dean and to Patricia M Butler M D Associate Dean Office of Educational. Programs who continue to insure the yearly success of the Summer Research. Major financial assistance for our Program has also been provided by the National. Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases NIDDK through a short term. research grant 5 T35 DK007676, Dr Hui Ming Chang Vice President for International Programs and Special Advisor to.
the President has negotiated cooperative agreements with several international. medical schools to set up tailored programs for selected international medical. students This new international initiative now provides the opportunity for our. Program to expand into a new area of research education that will be expanded in. years to come, The success of our Summer Research Program depends primarily on the faculty who. volunteer to mentor the trainees These dedicated educators organize and guide the. research projects that for each student includes data analysis preparation on an. abstract and public presentation of results Our sincere appreciation to all faculty. Student Abstracts Volume XXI Summer 2006,Lab Research Ownership. Publication and or Disclosure, Each student participating in this program is required to read agree to and sign this disclosure. form The original signed copy is on file in the Summer Research Program office the student and. their faculty mentors are each furnished with a copy. In reference to the laboratory research you will perform this coming summer through The. University of Texas Medical School at Houston s Summer Research Program you are. required to comply with the standard restrictions regarding participation in the Summer. Research Program, All of your laboratory research is CONFIDENTIAL and although your abstract will be. available through our website you cannot independently disclose or publish any research. findings or data in any form including at meetings or conferences without the express prior. written approval of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston If you wish to. submit your abstract to any third party you must first contact your faculty mentor no less. than three 3 weeks prior to any deadlines in order to obtain the necessary written. Because your research was generated from ideas and funds that originated with. your faculty mentor and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston ownership of. any data generated by you during the Summer Research Program belongs to The. University of Texas Medical School at Houston or the Principle Investigator PI. Student Abstracts Volume XXI Summer 2006,This page left blank.
2006 MS 1 Medical Students,MS 1 Student Page Faculty Mentor Department. Adrianse Stephanie 9 Okhuysen Pablo Internal Medicine. Beicker Clint 10 Robinson Emily Surgery,Brown Emily 11 Ruppe Mary Endocrinology. Cassara Chris 12 Teichgraeber John Surgery, Decker Marquita 13 Pappas Stephen Internal Medicine. Espineli Edward 14 Northrup Hope Pediatrics,Estrera Kenneth Clanton Thomas Orthopaedics. 2 Place Winner Webber,Prize for Student Research, Hayes Patricia 16 Okhuysen Pablo Internal Medicine.
Hurlburt Brian 17 Doursout Marie Anesthesiology,Jentzen Rebecca 18 Ruan Ke He Internal Medicine. Kemp Kelvin 19 Murray Barbara Internal Medicine,Lance Samuel 20 Cox Charles Surgery. Lentz Robert Koehler Theresa Microbiology,3 Place Winner Webber 21. Prize for Student Research,Lin Jennie 22 Margolin William Microbiology. Louis Scott 23 Morano Kevin Microbiology,Love Lawren 24 Mohr John Internal Medicine.
Majka Charles 25 Taegtmeyer Heinrich Internal Medicine. Maybit Luis 26 Marshak David Neurobiology, McManama Shannon 27 Albarracin Constance Pathology GSBS. Ness Peter 28 Fletcher Stephen Neurosurgery,O Neill Thomas 29 Tandon Nitin Neurosurgery. Ramirez Daniel 30 Cox Charles Surgery,Reynoso David 31 Actor Jeffrey Pathology. Richards J Caleb 32 Colasurdo Guisseppe Pediatrics. Rinewalt Daniel 33 Strobel Nathan Pediatrics,Smallwood Nathan 34 Christie Peter Microbiology. Smith Matthew 35 Wainwright David Plastic Surgery,Stafford Marshall 36 Teichgraeber John Surgery.
Welsh Kerry Actor Jeffrey Pathology,1 Place Winner Webber. Prize for Student Research,Wilcox Darrell 38 Hagberg Carin Anesthesiology. Winslow Stephen 39 Kaplan Heidi Microbiology,Woerner Kyle 40 Scott Allison Orthopaedics. Wright Zachary 41 Cox Charles Surgery,This page left blank. 2006 International Medical Students,Student University Page Faculty Mentor Department.
Gong Ling Shanghai Jiao Tong University 45 Doursoiut Marie Anesthesiology. Hsu Hsiao Min Fu Jen Catholic University 46 Pearson Deborah Psychiatry. Juo Hsin Hsuan Fu Jen Catholic University 47 Frost Jeffrey Integrative Biology. Lin Yen Nu Fu Jen Catholic University 48 Steinberg Joel Psychiatry. Zou Jing Shanghai Jiao Tong University 49 Lindsey John Neurology. This page left blank,2006 Undergraduate Students,Student Page Mentor Department. Adham Basil 52 Milewicz Dianna Internal Medicine, Ahmed Kamran 53 Dessauer Carmen Integrative Biology. Berrout Jonathan 54 Kozar Rosemary Surgery,Bohuslav Gregory 55 Eagleman David Neurobiology. Broussard Lisa 56 Jayaraman Vesanthi Integrative Biology. Caruso Joseph 57 Actor Jeffrey Pathology,Coffman Stephen 58 Zhou Z Hong Pathology. Cohen Clay 59 Johnson Philip Internal Medicine, Daniels Marissa 60 Murray Barbara Internal Medicine.
Downs Mary 61 Ruan Ke He Internal Medicine,Eldiwany Mary 62 Ontiveros Joe Dental School. Feng Mary 63 Ruan Ke He Internal Medicine,Fung Daniel 64 Ruan Ke He Internal Medicine. Galloway Pena Jessica 65 Norris Steven Pathology, Ghosh Dastidar Eeshita 66 Van Hoof Ambro Microbiology. Halphen Christopher 70 Hasan Khader Radiology,Hanson Stephanie 71 Pearson Deborah Psychiatry. Harding Stephen 72 Arnett Frank Internal Medicine, Huff Sori Ester 73 Bradley Richard Emergency Medicine.
Kirkendahl Sam 74 Johnson Philip Internal Medicine. Kishan Neel 75 Beauchamp Michael Neurobiology,Klump Kathryn 76 Marshak David Neurobiology. Kusin David 77 Actor Jeffrey Pathology,Lam Shannon 78 Tsai Ah Lim Microbiology. LeFebvre Eric 79 DuPont Herbert Internal Medicine,Mackey Allison 80 Beauchamp Michael Neurobiology. Meza Marilyn 81 Zhou A Hong Pathology,Moller Michelle 82 Bull Joan Internal Medicine. Morgan Alyssa 83 Dragoi Valentin Neurobiology, Mullan Theresa 84 Goldschmidt Millicent Microbiology.
Nayak Nikhil 85 Hasa Khader Radiology,Osoro Moses 86 Kaplan Heidi Microbiology. Perez Nataly 87 Koehler Theresa Microbiology,Poage Cameron 88 Arnett Frank Internal Medicine. Poage Carter 89 Kulmacz Richard Internal Medicine,Postel Mary 90 Miller Charles Cardio Vasc Surgery. Rendon Mayra 91 Streckfus Charles Dental School,Savage David 92 Waxham Neal Neurobiology. Smart Suzanne 93 Milewicz Dianna Internal Medicine. Stanojevic Maja 94 Li Renho Biochemistry,Szentirmay Kristina 95 Kaplan Heidi Microbiology.
Thomeer Megham 96 Tyring Stephen Dermatology,Wang Daniel 97 Tucker Stephen Dermatology. Wang Diane 98 Zhou Z Hong Pathology,Wang Wilbur 99 Eagleman David Neurobiology. Zavodszky Eszter 100 Beauchamp Michael Neurobiology. Zhou Jenny 101 Taegtmeyer Heinrich Internal Medicine.

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