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Safety Recommendations, For your safety and the safety of others read and understand. the safety recommendations and operating instructions be CAUTION. fore operating any drill motor, Before the tool is connected to the air supply the throttle should. Always wear protective equipment be checked for proper operation i e throttle valve moves freely. and returns to closed position, WARNING Before removing a tool from service or changing drill bits make. sure the air line is shut off and drained of air This will prevent the. Impact resistant eye protection tool from operating if the throttle is accidently engaged. must be worn while operating,or working near this tool. Cutting tools used with these drill motors are sharp Handle them. For additional information on eye protection read the latest edition carefully to avoid injury. of ANSI Z87 1 Occupational and Educational Eye and Face. Protection This standard is available from the American National The collet and mandrel must be inserted into a properly sized. Standards Institute Inc 11 West 42nd Street New York N Y pre drilled hole before starting the tool An improperly sized pre. 10036 drilled hole prevents the mandrel from engaging the collet and. could result in slippage of the tool An improperly selected collet. and mandrel can also result in slippage of the tool. Personal hearing protection is,recommended when operating.
or working near this tool,Wear respirator where, Hearing protection is recommended in high noise areas above. 85dBA Close proximity of additional tools reflective surfaces. process noises etc can contribute substantially to the sound Drilling or other use of this tool may produce hazardous fumes. level experienced by the operator and or dust To avoid adverse health effects utilize adequate. ventilation and or a respirator Read the material safety data. sheet of any cutting fluids or materials involved in the drilling. WARNING process, Some non ferrous metal chips or dusts are combustible Ex. amples Aluminum magnesium Titanium and Zirconium See. the material safety data sheets for combustibility of materials. drilled Never collect spark generating material with combustible. material Examples Collecting both steel and aluminum or steel. and titanium,Do not wear loose fitting clothes,long hair gloves ties or jewelry. Follow good machine shop practices Rotating shafts and moving. Slip and fall hazard, components entangle and entrap and may result in serious Lubricant and coolant systems must. injuries Never wear long hair loose fitting clothes gloves ties be properly maintained to avoid. or jewelry when working with or near a drill of any type leakage. Hoses must be organized and care,taken to avoid tripping.
Quackenbush drills are designed to operate on 90psig 6 2 bar. maximum air pressure using the proper hose Excessive air Quackenbush drills are often used with lubricant or cooling. pressure increases the loads and stresses on tool parts and drills systems which must be properly maintained to avoid leakage. and may result in breakage The installation of a filter regulator Failure to do so can result in serious injuries from slipping on oily. lubricator in the air supply line ahead of the tool is highly recom surfaces. Safety Recommendations, Any tool operator should be aware of the following warning signs. WARNING and symptoms so that a problem can be addressed before it. Pinch Hazard Clamping and feed becomes a debilitating injury Any user suffering from prolonged. mechanism can move when the air symptoms of tingling numbness blanching of fingers clumsi. supply is connected or disconnected ness or weakened grip inability to hold objects nocturnal pain in. Disconnect air supply before servicing the hand or any other disorder of the shoulders arms wrists or. To avoid injury keep fingers and hands fingers should notify their employer so that a review of what steps. away from the clamping and feed might be taken to prevent further occurances These steps might. mechanism areas, include but are not limited to repositioning the workpiece or. redesigning the workstation reassigning tool users to other jobs. Due to the number and variety of tooling applications the user s. rotating jobs changing worker pace and or changing the type of. methods engineering departments ect must consider any haz. tool used so as to minimize stress on the operator Some tasks. ards that may be associated with each specific application of this. may require more than one type of tool to obtain the optimum. product and provide adequate operator protection from inadvert. operator tool task relationship, ent contact with any moving components The clamping and feed. mechanisms of self colleting drill motors are exposed for visibility Avoid. Avoid OK Avoid Avoid OK, and can move when the air supply is connected or disconnected. To avoid injury keep fingers and hands away from these areas. when handling or operating this tool, Extension Neutral Flexion Radial Deviation Neutral Ulnar Deviation.
The following recommendations will help reduce or moderate the. Repetitive work motions can effects of repetitive work motions The operator of any drill should. injure your hands and arms, Use a minimum hand grip force consistent with proper control. and safe operation,Keep body and hands warm and dry. Avoid anything that inhibits blood circulation,WARNING Smoking Tobacco. Cold Temperatures,Exposure to vibration can Certain Drugs. injure your hands and arms Avoid awkward postures,Keep wrists as straight as possible.
Interrupt work activities or rotate jobs to provide periods free. Some individuals are susceptible to disorders of the hands and. from repetitive work motions, arms when exposed to vibration and or tasks which involve. repetitive work motions Those individuals predisposed to vascu. latory or circulatory problems may be particularly susceptible. Cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and. tendinitis can be caused or aggravated by repetitious forceful. exertions of the hands and arms These disorders develop gradu. ally over periods of weeks months and years Tasks should be. performed in such a manner that the wrists are maintained in a. neutral position which is not flexed hyperextended or turned side. to side Stressful postures should be avoided and can be con. trolled through tool selection and work location,Safety Labels. The safety labels found on this tool are an essential part. of this product Labels should not be removed Labels. should be checked periodically for legibility Replace. safety labels when missing or when the information can. no longer be read Replacement labels can be ordered by. the part numbers shown on this page, Safety Recommendations 2 3 136SC B Q Matic Drill Assy and Parts List 26 31. Safety Labels 4 400 RPM Gear Set Assembly 32,Index 5 950 RPM Gear Set Assembly 32. Major Tool Components 5 2100 RPM Gear Set Assembly 32. Introduction and General Information 6 3100 RPM Gear Set Assembly 32. Air and Hydraulic System Diagrams 7 10 6000 RPM Gear Set Assembly 32. Backhead Disassembly 11 7800 RPM Gear Set Assembly 33. Spindle Adjustment Disassembly 12 11500 RPM Gear Set Assembly 33. Quill and Pressure Foot Removal 14 15 22500 RPM Gear Set Assembly 33. Feed Clamp Disassembly 15 18,Dwell Valve Disassembly 18 Accessories.
Disassembly of Feed Rate Adjustment Valve 19, Unclamp Check Valve Disassembly 20 Template Boss 34. Retract and Dwell Valve Disassembly 21 Jig Collet Foot Attachment 34. Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Disassembly 22 High Curvature Pad 34. Trigger Disassembly 23 Booster Pump Assembly 35, Pilot Valve Disassembly 24 Mist Lubricator Assembly 35 38. Filling and Bleeding the Hydraulic System 25 Trouble Shooting 39. Tool Adjustments 25 NDSJC Jig Collet Foot Kit 40,DSJC Jig Collet Foot Kit 41. Maintance Kit 42,Piping Layout for Compressed Air Lines 43. Major Tool Components,Accessory Air, Spindle Depth Control Template Boss Port 1 8 27 NPT.
Adjustment Cover See Chart Backhead,Adjustment,Bypass Cover. Trigger Hydraulic Spindle,Fluid Fitting Adjustment. Variable Spacing,Pressure Foot,Adjustable Tail,Pad Feed Sleeve. Air Inlet Bushing,3 8 18 FNPT Trigger Lock,Specials Tools. Introduction and General Information, The 136SC B 118 is an air operated hydraulically controlled tool Air Motor The air motor develops 88 horsepower when sup.
that automatically clamps to the material drills and countersinks plied with air at 90 p s i. close tolerance holes in one operation This drill will produce high. quality holes in aluminum steel titanium and petroleum hybrid Air Consumption Air consumption of the 136SC B 118 is 35. materials primarily found in the aircraft aerospace industries c f m at 90 p s i dynamic. This drill motor has been designed using state of the art technol. ogy that provides maximum power minimum weight and the Weight Tool weight with the steel pressure foot is 7 0 pounds. highest degree of accuracy for demanding hole preparation. requirements Spindle Speeds Eight geared spindle speeds are available. 400 950 2100 3100 6000 7800 11500 and 22500 RPM Any. Technical Data gear set can be used with the 136SC B 118 tool. Feed Stroke Feed stroke of the 136SC B 118 is 1 18 inches to. drill and countersink in 1 inch stacked material The feed stroke Trigger Lock A trigger lock is provided which allows the tool to. is unaffected by the collet stroke be locked in the Operate position With the lock activated the. tool will run through the clamp feed and retract cycles but it will. Collet Stroke The 136SC B 118 will clamp throughout its 56 not unclamp or stop the motor until the trigger lock is manually. inch stroke Collet stroke is unaffected by feed stroke Spindle released. Adjustment The spindle adjustment of 312 inch allows for drill. length variations See Spindle Adjustment information Tool Start Up. The 136SC B 118 drill is shipped from the factory equipped to the. Countersink Depth Control A micrometer adjustment provides customer s specifications spindle RPM spindle to accommodate. for countersink stop repeatability within 001 inch cutter type desired pressure foot type collet guide to accommo. date collet desired and optional booster pump if required. Cutter Sizes The 136SC B 118 will accommodate 312 diam. eter drills without countersink and 250 diameter drills with 505 After unpacking examine the customer specified equipment on. countersink diameter this tool to verify type and speed of components. Feed Rate An adjustable drill feed rate mechanism enables the Attach air line to 3 8 18 NPT inlet bushing If quick disconnect. 136SC B 118 to drill from 5 seconds per inch to 1 minute per inch fittings are used 3 8 in ID are minimum The 136SC B 118 drill. See Feed Rate Adjustment information requires a supply of clean 90 100 PSI air Air consumption is 35. CFM at 90 PSI The use of the in line lubricator will provide the. Cutter to Collet Spacing The cutter to collet distance is adjust proper lubrication for the air motor and will significantly increase. able between 500 inch minimum to 2 75 inch maximum the tool life expectancy Because O rings are extensively used to. seal systems within the tool the elimination of foreign particles. Coolant The 136SC B 118 has a drill point coolant port in the and other contaminants will reduce the possibility of damage to. pressure foot A coolant mist lubricator is available See Acces these parts Always inspect O rings for damage or wear and. sories replace as required The use of silicone O ring lubricant is strongly. recommended during reassembly The addition of oil in the air line. will also increase motor and valve life as well as the life of the. 136SC B 118 DRILL MOTOR SPECIFICIATIONS O rings,WEIGHT 7 0 LBS MAX W ALUMINUM FOOT. AIR CONSUMPTION 35 C F M 90 P S I DYNAMIC,HORSE POWER APPROX 88 90 P S I. O A LENGTH 10 12 IN MAX WITH SPINDLE ADJUST AT FULL EXTENSION. STROKE 1 18 IN DRILL C SINK 1 IN STACK,COLLET STROKE 56 IN NO LOSS OF FEED STROKE. COUNTERSINK COUNTERSINK STOP REPEATS WITHIN 001 IN. FEED RATE MIN 5 SEC PER INCH MAX 1 MIN PER INCH, SPINDLE SPEEDS 400 950 2100 3100 6000 7800 11 500 22 500 RPM. DRILLING THRUST 130 LBS MAX UNREGULATED AIR, CLAMP FORCE 230 LBS START CLAMP FORCE UNREGULATED AIR.

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