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Celebrate 100 Days of School, 100th Day festivities have been celebrated throughout schools since the. school year of 1981 1982 Lynn Taylor introduced the 100th Day of School idea. in the Center for Innovation in Education newsletter Early celebrations focused. on developing number sense for young children Today preschool children. through elementary students celebrate their 100th Day of School with many. cross curricular activities In keeping with tradition Illinois Agriculture in the. Classroom created this booklet with engaging hands on activities related to agri. culture for students to do on the 100th Day of School. A visual key has been created and used with each activity to indicate its subject. area The topics include hands on science health and nutrition reading math. social studies writing and art,writing science,reading social studies. health and,art nutrition,Activity Reference Guide,Subject Area Activity Number. 1 5 21 33 45 51 52 57 59 76 86 94 97,9 16 17 19 20 41 65 93. 4 13 37 38 85 96,14 31 34 36 44 46 62 70 77 80 82 92.
2 3 7 8 10 15 18 22 23 40 42 48 50 54 55 69 72 73,74 78 81 87 89 90 91 99. 24 25 26 27 29 30 32 39 56 58 60 61 63 64 66 67 68. 6 28 47 49 53 83 84 98 100,11 12 35 43 75 95, Tallest Free Standing Agriculturally Related Structure. 1 Activity, Set a timer for 5 minutes and tell students to build the tallest free standing agriculturally. related structure they can think of using 100 Corn Packing Peanuts After time is up have. each student share what they constructed and how it is related to agriculture Measure. each structure and give the winner an ag themed prize Read the Corn Ag Mag. Agriculture is Everywhere,2 Activity, Divide students into several groups Tape a large piece of paper in the front of the. room Students will look through magazines and newspapers to find people or items. related to agriculture As a class find 100 items in all Have students keep a class tally. on the board of how many items they add Stop every few minutes and have students. count the tally marks aloud and subtract the total from 100 to see how many more items. they need to find Once there are a hundred items on the paper talk about the objects. and how they relate to agriculture Hang the finished piece outside the classroom to re. mind everyone that Agriculture is Everywhere,Feed Sacks.
3 Activity, Refer to www agintheclassroom org under Lessons and Activities for ingredients and. instructions for Pork Feed Sacks In a large bowl mix 100 items of each ingredient Stu. dents can fill a plastic snack bag using the ingredients in the bowl to create their own. feed sack Read the Pork Ag Mag and discuss the different nutritional needs between. humans and pigs while your students enjoy their feed sack. Snack Time,4 Activity, Eating the right snacks throughout the day is very important for students nutrition. Have students come up with 100 different snacks that they would like to eat throughout. the day Compile one large list and have students categorize their snacks into healthy. and non healthy snacks Have students compile a list of 100 nutritious snacks For. snack that day provide apples as a nutritious snack and have students read the Horse Ag. Mag Discuss a horse s eating habits and why they enjoy apples as a treat. 5 Activity,100 Facts About Agriculture, Challenge students to list 100 facts they know about agriculture Then prepare 100. paper slips using a variety of colors Have each student write a fact on a slip of paper. and construct a paper chain Hang the paper chain in the classroom to show off your. class s Ag knowledge,Farm Animals,6 Activity, On a piece of paper have each student list as many farm animals as they can in 100 se. conds Discuss the animals we raise in Illinois Read the Beef Pork and Poultry Ag. Mag and talk about the byproducts and how we use these animals. 7 Activity, Ask students how much space 100 kernels of popcorn will take up in a glass jar Mark.
estimates with a marker Pour in popcorn kernels and discuss the differences between. their estimates and the actual measurement Ask students to share if their measurements. were greater than less than or equal to the actual measurement. 8 Activity, Using the glass jar and popcorn kernels from the above activity ask students how many. popcorn kernels will pop record estimates Pop the popcorn and give each student a. handful to count Add up all students popcorn Did all 100 pieces pop If not how. many pieces of popcorn did pop out of the 100 kernels Then have students count any. kernels that are left after popping Does the number of kernels match the number that is. left over after the subtraction problem Students can eat their popcorn while reading the. The Water Test,9 Activity, Divide students into several small groups Each group needs a small glass an eye drop. per and a small bowl of water Have students predict the water level of 100 drops by. drawing a line on the glass and initialing it Have students take turns putting single drops. into the glass until they reach 100 Each group can determine who was the closest Take. each group s glass and measure the amount of water using measuring spoons Talk about. any differences in the amounts of water in each group Read the Water Ag Mag Use. food coloring to make the water blue so it is easier for the students to see. Can You Eat 100 Pieces of Popcorn,10 Activity, Have students guess if they can eat 100 pieces of popcorn Graph responses Have each. student count out 100 pieces of popcorn Can they eat all 100 pieces Graph results and. compare the two graphs Read the Corn Ag Mag,Pumpkin Patch. 11 Activity, Make a pumpkin thumbprint patch using orange finger paint Have students make.
enough thumbprints to equal 100 Tie activity to math by making 5 rows of 10 or 3 rows. of 5 Read the Pumpkin Ag Mag,12 Activity, Ask students what a cow would look like with 100 legs What about a pig or a horse. Have each student draw a farm animal with 100 legs Ask students what insect really. has 100 legs Talk about the centipede and how it is important for killing unwanted. pests in the garden,10 Different Exercises for a Healthy Heart. 13 Activity, In the gym set up 10 stations with activities to do 10 times each Example activities in. clude 10 shots with the floor hockey puck 10 sit ups 10 jumping jacks 10 ball bounc. es 10 skips with a rope 10 throws with beanbags into a container 10 shots with a bas. ketball 10 circles with a hoola hoop 10 bounces on the small trampoline and 10 juggles. with scarves Change activity type based on the availability of different materials. Check out the Nutrition Ag Mag for more information on health and nutrition This Ag. Mag is available on the IAITC website under Ag Mags. One Watermelon Seed,14 Activity, Read One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge to students Talk about planting. seeds and what they need to grow Ask students what they would do with 10 watermel. ons 20 pumpkins and so on Create a class garden out of construction paper and have. students create ten watermelons twenty pumpkins and so on up to 100 ears of corn. One Watermelon Seed,15 Activity, Discuss the multiples of 10 mentioned in One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lot.
tridge Give each student a tens multiplication table and go over the multiplication facts. Have students compare different groups of tens using the words greater than and less. One Watermelon Seed,16 Activity, Plant 100 seeds ten each of ten different types Experiment with the plants by. giving one plant too much water one not enough water put one plant in sand put. one plant by the light give one plant no light etc Have students predict which. plant will grow the best and why,One Watermelon Seed. 17 Activity, Create a ten column graph one column for each type of seed and color in a square for. each plant that sprouts Discuss why some plants sprouted and did not Based on re. sults have students create a list of what they think a plant needs to grow. Which Weighs More,18 Activity, Ask students which weighs more 100 kernels of popcorn or 100 pieces of popcorn. Have students count out100 kernels of corn and put them in a brown paper bag Have. students count out 100 pieces of popcorn and put them in a brown paper bag Let stu. dents guess what bag contains the kernels and what bag contains the popcorn Use a. scale to find the weight of each bag Compare estimates with actual findings Read the. Corn Ag Mag,19 Activity,Apple Prints, Cut several apples in half Divide students into small groups and have them explore the.
inside of an apple Provide students with microscopes or a magnifying glass Talk about. the skin flesh core and seeds and the purpose of each Have students share what they. observe Using paint make 100 apple prints Read the Apple Ag Mag together as a. Apple Facts,20 Activity, After reading the Apple Ag Mag have students list 100 apple facts Put each fact on an. apple cut out and add to your 100 apple prints from the above activity to make an apple. display for a bulletin board,Spots on a Cow,21 Activity. Read the Dairy Ag Mag Use the cow print on page 22 Trace the cow print onto a. large piece of paper using an overhead Have each student bring in a milk cap With. black paint have students put 100 spots on the cow using their milk cap List cow char. acteristics and dairy facts on the paper around the cow Hang your display in the hall. What s Inside a Pumpkin,22 Activity, Explore the inside of a pumpkin Count all of the seeds How many groups of 100 can. be made out of the seeds Use 100 seeds glue and construction paper to make an au. tumn picture Read the Pumpkin Ag Mag,Answer 100,23 Activity. Problem You are a dairy farmer and you have 20 dairy cows Twice a day morning. and night you must milk each cow At each milking each cow gives 2 1 2 gallons of. milk How many gallons of milk will you have at the end of one day Read the Dairy. Problem You have 5 hens Each hen lays 2 eggs a day How many eggs will you. have in 10 days Read the Poultry Ag Mag,24 Activity.
Where Does All That Corn Go, Read the Corn Ag Mag Using a wall size map have students track 100 places where. corn goes from Illinois Ask students if they have visited any of these places before. Get to Know Illinois,25 Activity, List 100 different cities or towns in Illinois Have students locate these places on a map. and ask students if they know at least one person in each town or city As a class can. you come up with 100 people Have students write 100 letters to send to 100 people in. 26 Activity,Can You Name All 50, Have students list the 50 states and their 50 capitals Ask students how many states they. have visited Then have the students write a 100 word summary about the time they. spent in that state Have students name the states that surround Illinois. Counties in Illinois,27 Activity, Instruct students to list the 102 counties in Illinois Have students locate their own. county on a state map Students can write their county and list five counties that sur. round their county Have students list significant physical characteristics of their. 28 Activity,On 100 Acres I Would, Write On 100 acres I would on the board and have students write a paragraph tell.
ing what they would do with 100 acres Talk about the size of an acre An acre is about. the size of a football field without the end zones and what a farmer can do with 100. acres On one acre a farmer can plant 11 600 pounds of sweet corn. Earth 100 Years From Now,29 Activity, Read the Earth Day Ag Mag and explore the different components of the Earth Provide. each student with paper markers and crayons Ask them to use their imagination to. draw a picture of what the Earth will look like 100 years from now. Collection,30 Activity, Have students collect 100 postcards letters or e mails from different places in Illinois. Use push pins to post them on a large map of Illinois Read the Illinois Ag Mag. Beef or Dairy,31 Activity, Read the Beef and Dairy Ag Mag to learn more about the similarities and differences. between the two types of cows Have students make a list of 100 cow facts For an ex. tended activity organize your facts in a Venn Diagram. Scavenger Hunt,32 Activity, Make a list of 100 locations in Illinois Give students a state map of Illinois and have. them locate the 100 places on the map Give students clues such as northeast part of the. state or near the southern border Have students list physical characteristics that are. associated with a specific place,33 Activity, Give each student 100 kernels of corn 100 soybeans 100 pumpkin seeds and 100 sun.
flower seeds and a copy of the state of Illinois map on page 23 Have students glue. their seeds to the paper to create an Ag Mosaic Glue paper down on a piece of card. board to hang around the room Discuss how these are Illinois agricultural products and. read the corresponding Ag Mags,10 Apples Up on Top. 34 Activity, Read 10 Apples Up on Top by Dr Seuss Count the animals and apples aloud with stu. dents Read the Apple Ag Mag and talk about apple production in Illinois. 35 Activity,10 Apples Up on Top, After reading 10 Apples Up on Top have students draw ten animals at the bottom of a. piece of paper length wise Then have students use red paint and half an apple to. stamp 10 apples on top of each animal,Wolf s Chicken Stew. 36 Activity, Read Wolf s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza Ask students What does the wolf bake.
To fatten the chicken up Wolf bakes 100 pancakes 100 donuts and a 100 pound cake. Then complete activities 53 54 that are related to this book. How Long Does It Take To Burn 100 Calories,37 Activity. Ask students how long they would have to exercise to burn 100 calories Look up how. many jumping jacks a student would have to do to burn 100 calories Have students try. completing that many jumping jacks or which ever exercise you choose Read the. Nutrition Ag Mag,How Long Will It Take Me To Do 100. 38 Activity, Have students estimate how long it will take them to do 100 jumping jacks hops sit. ups spins etc and graph their responses Have students perform each exercise time. how long it takes and graph results Compare the two graphs Read the Nutrition Ag. 100 Reasons to Live in Illinois,39 Activity, Instruct each student to create a list of 100 reasons to live in Illinois Have students find. pictures or images that relate to their reasons Provide students with a variety of art ma. terials such as poster board magazines markers etc Using the list and images students. can create a Illinois themed display to hang in or outside of the classroom This activity. would be a great addition to any Illinois related study Encourage students to use. IAITC s Ag Mags for additional resources,The 100 Ice Cube Challenge.
40 Activity, In advance prepare 300 ice cubes Place 100 ice cubes outside 100 ice cubes in the cen. ter of the classroom and 100 ice cubes next to the heater Then have students measure. how long it takes for the 100 ice cubes to melt Use three timers to measure the length. of time it takes for the ice cubes to melt Start the stop watches when the ice cubes are. placed in their location and stop the timers when the ice is completely melted Ask stu. dents to record the time for each location,Graphing the Melting Times. 41 Activity, Instruct students to graph the melting time results for three different locations Why is there. a difference in the melting times Then students can read the Water Ag Mag to learn more. about ice s melting point Ask students How does melting and freezing relate to weather. Why do farmers care about the weather,Multiplication Rows of Seeds. 42 Activity, Use soybeans kernels of corn pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds to make multiplica.
tion rows Have students count seeds and glue them down on a piece of paper in rows. For example 5 rows of 20 4 rows of 25 or 10 rows of 10. 43 Activity, Using a black marker have each student write the number 100 on a piece of paper. Students will use their imagination to create something new and agriculturally related. out of the number 100 For example an ear of corn out of the 1 and a tractor with. wheels out of the 00,100th Day Worries,44 Activity. Read 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler Discuss with students what they worry. about Ask students what they think farmers worry about Encourage students to pro. vide explanations for their answers,45 Activity, Compile a list of 100 poultry facts from the Poultry Ag Mag Fill 100 plastic eggs with a. different poultry fact Place eggs around the room or around the school Invite students. to go on an egg hunt Once all 100 eggs are collected count aloud as a class to make. sure you have found all of the eggs Give each student a Poultry Ag Mag Each student. will use a highlighter to highlight their poultry fact from their plastic eggs in their ag. mag Have students share each fact they found with the rest of the class. What Would You Share on the 100th Day of School,46 Activity. Read Henry s 100 Days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson Ask students what 100. things they would bring to share on the 100th Day of School. Four Seasons,47 Activity, After reading Henry s 100 Days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson write the four differ.
ent seasons on the board Talk about each season and have students share what they. know about that season Brainstorm with students to come up with 25 activities to do for. each season Your students will then have a list of 100 ideas for the school year. 100 Jelly Beans,48 Activity, After reading Henry s 100 Days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson fill your own jar up. with 100 jelly beans Ask students how many jelly beans Ms Bradley had in her jar on. the 100th Day of School Ask your students how many students Ms Bradley had in her. class and how many jelly beans each student received Have students find how many. jelly beans they will each receive out of your jar of jelly beans. Agriculture Word Wall,49 Activity, After reading Henry s 100 Days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson have each student. write 100 ag related words Compile all lists and cross off any words used more than. once Use the class list of 100 ag related words for a word wall or spelling words. M M Fractions,50 Activity, Provide each student with 100 M Ms of different colors Instruct students to divide. their M Ms by color and write the color amounts in fractions Have each student. report back on how many of each color they received Students can then. calculate percentages for the total amount of each color Ask students to graph. these results,Food and Agriculture,51 Activity, Instruct students to bring in 100 empty cereal boxes Have students read the ingredients. listed in the different kinds of cereal Discuss the different agricultural products such as. corn and corn syrup used to make the cereals Read the Corn Ag Mag. Food Fun Necklaces,52 Activity, Now that students have learned what ingredients are in their cereal have them practice.
their fine motor skills by making a necklace out of Cheerios Fruit Loops or Apple. Jacks Then ask students to share with their family members where many of the ingre. dients in cereals come from,I Would Bake 100,53 Activity. Ask students to complete this sentence I would bake 100 and draw a picture for their. sentence Collect the pictures and create a classroom book entitled Insert Teacher s. Name and Class s Grade Chicken Stew For example Ms Smith s 2nd Grade Chicken. The Chicken Hunt,54 Activity, Prepare 100 paper chick cutouts and hide them around the classroom or gymnasium for. students to find Give students 4 minutes to find the chicks Every 45 seconds have the. students stop and count the chicks Ask students How many have we found How. many do we have left to find When the Chick Hunt is complete have students read the. Poultry Ag Mag to learn more about chicks and chickens. 100 Hungry Ants,55 Activity, Read One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J Pinczes Have students point out the mul. tiples of 100 mentioned in the story Ask students What other multiples of 100 can you. think of For younger students have them recreate the ants rows using raisins as coun. Transporting Food,56 Activity, Discuss how the One Hundred Hungry Ants planned to transport their food Ask stu. dents Why wasn t there any food left for the ants Then discuss the different ways. used to transport food from the farm to the grocery store For more information on this. topic check out the Water Ag Mag,Rock and Roll Ice Cream.
57 Activity, After reading the Dairy Ag Mag make Rock and Roll Ice Cream Have students count. as they shake the coffee can 100 times The recipe for Rock and Roll Ice Cream is avail. able in the Dairy Ag Mag,From the Farm to the Pizza Parlor. 58 Activity, Read the Pizza Ag Mag and explore where students favorite pizza toppings come from. They will be surprised to learn that everything on their pizza started at a farm Then. challenge students to list 100 different pizza toppings Some of the toppings might be. silly but ask students to explain how their topping can be traced back to the farm. 100 Day Pizza,59 Activity, Make pizza using 100 pepperonis or have students shape pizza dough into the number. 100 To save money ask for parent donations for these items While eating review. with students where the pizza ingredients came from. Farmers Are Stewards of the Earth Are You,60 Activity.
Read both the Earth Day and Water Ag Mags to explore how farmers are stewards of the. Earth Then ask students to list 100 ways they can keep our Earth clean Have students. bring in 1 or 2 recyclable items from home Use this list and these items to create an. Earth Day display,100 Earth Day Bracelets 100 Ways. 61 Activity, As a class make 100 Earth Day bracelets and discuss what each bead stands for Divide. the bracelets evenly amongst students Each student will have 3 or 4 bracelets Then. have students give a bracelet to a friend or family member and share one way we can. keep the Earth clean Students can use the 100 Ways list from Activity 60 for a refer. ence Directions for the Earth Day bracelet available in the Earth Day Ag Mag. Century Farm,62 Activity, Read Century Farm One Hundred Years on a Family Farm by Cris Peterson and explore. what it was like to farm 100 years ago What are the similarities between farming 100. years ago and farming today What are the differences between farming 100 years ago. and farming today This book is a great springboard for Activities 63 67. Farming 100 Years From Now,63 Activity, Have students make predictions about what it will be like to farm 100 years from now. What are the potential similarities between farming today and farming 100 years from. now What are the potential differences Record these predictions on a large sheet of. The Century Farmer Mural,64 Activity, Prepare a large sheet of paper by dividing it into three sections and label the sections.
with the following Past Present and Future Then have students create drawings to. show farming in each time period,A Future Farming Invention. 65 Activity, After the 100 years discussions challenge students to create and draw an invention farm. ers will use 100 years from now In a large group have students share their inventions. and explain how and why farmers might use it,A Century is 100 Years. 66 Activity, A century lasts 100 years A decade is 10 years Have students find one fact about each. decade of the 20th Century that relates to agriculture or Illinois Students can then con. struct a timeline on poster board and present their timeline to the class. 100 Years Ago in Illinois,67 Activity, Using Internet resources and local newspaper archives ask students to explore what hap.
pened on this date in Illinois history 100 years ago A great question to ask students. How has this event impacted your life today Ask students to predict what might hap. pen in Illinois 100 years from now,68 Activity, The A in the word candy stands for agriculture Explore the agricultural products in. cluded in students favorite candy More candy information and activities available from. the IAITC website under the Candy Culture and Creativity booklet During your ex. ploration have students list 100 different types of candy Then sample a few types and. examine their labels What agricultural products are included in the ingredients list. 100 Pieces of Candy,69 Activity, After exploring candy s connection to agriculture hide 100 pieces of candy throughout. the classroom or other large space Give students 1 minute to search for the candy. Then have each student report back how many pieces of candy they found As each stu. dent reports have the class add up the amount of candy in order to find the total amount. of candy found Did your class find all 100 pieces If not have students calculate how. many more pieces they need to find, Ms Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten. 70 Activity, Read Ms Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate and. explore the different objects each student collects While reading ask students Are the. se items related to agriculture If so how Then complete Activities 71 76. 100 Agriculturally Related Items,71 Activity, Have students collect 100 of an agriculturally related item For example 100 corn ker.
nels 100 M Ms or 100 soy coloring crayons Have each student present their items. to the class and share how it relates to agriculture. In My Bag I Have,72 Activity, Compare the bags of 100 agriculturally related items and discuss the differences in vol. ume Discuss what if any part of their agriculturally related item might come from Illi. nois Read the Illinois Ag Mag,Comparing 100 Items,73 Activity. Students should use their 100 agriculturally related items for this activity Have students. make 20 groups of 5 10 groups of 10 and 2 groups of 50 for each item This is a hands. on way for students to learn multiples of 100,Weighing 100 Items. 74 Activity, Students should use their 100 agriculturally related items for this activity Create a 100. row chart with 3 columns Label the columns Item Estimated Weight and Actual. Weight As a class predict the weight for each set of items Write the predictions start. ing from most to least in the prepared chart Then weigh each set of items and put the. results in the chart Here are some discussion questions for after the activity Were the. predictions accurate For which items did you over guess the weight For which items. did you under guess the weight Were you surprised by any of the results.

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