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BAKED GOODS, PERFECT SCORE,FLAVOUR AND AROMA 40, appropriately sweet salty spicy . tart or bland depending on product, nice mix of flavours no one flavour is too strong. appropriate aroma for the baked good, free from inappropriate odours. GENERAL APPEARANCE 30, pleasing appetizing appearance. appealing colour, proper size and shape,INTERNAL APPEARANCE 30.
appropriate texture for item, even colour appropriate to item. free from streaks, appetizing texture, ADVANCED JUDGING IDEAS. For more experienced or senior members there are other categories to be. considered when judging baked goods , does the product provide adequate nutrition. are ingredients high in fat Is sugar and salt kept to a minimum . are whole grain ingredients used , has Canada s Food Guide been considered when preparing the food . CALORIE BREAKDOWN, what is the calorie content of each sample .
is the product nutrient dense with a high number of nutrients in proportion to. the calorie content , does the product provide good food value for the money spent . consider cost per serving, The following scorecard could be used when considering the above factors in. judging baked goods , GENERAL APPEARANCE 20, INTERNAL APPEARANCE 20. FLAVOUR AND AROMA 30, NUTRITION AND COST 30, YEAST BREAD AND ROLLS. PERFECT SCORE,FLAVOUR AND AROMA 40, sweet and nutty.
aroma should be sweet not yeasty,GENERAL APPEARANCE 30. size and shape well proportioned, even golden brown colour top and bottom. tender yet crisp crust, crust about 3 mm thick, rounded crust free from cracks or bulges. INTERNAL APPEARANCE 30, texture soft smooth silky springy crumb. small evenly distributed cells, colour characteristic of type of bread roll.
uniform no dark streaks,TIPS FOR JUDGING BREAD AND ROLLS . White breads should be golden coloured on the outside and creamy white on. the inside , Whole grain breads should have a brown crust a good distribution of grain and. a moist elastic crumb , Sweet breads should have a golden brown exterior with a yellowish grain The. taste should be sweeter than regular bread , Rolls should be evenly shaped with rounded tops They should have a brown. or golden brown crust The texture is finer than bread and more elastic . CLOTHING, PERFECT SCORE,WORKMANSHIP from the outside 50.
clean well pressed, garment is cut on grain of fabric. pattern runs in same direction on each piece, all patterns are matched. trims or fasteners are sewn on neatly and securely. topstitching is straight even and of correct length. buttonholes belts pockets collars or cuffs are well made. zipper lies flat is covered and is neatly stitched. gathers if any are evenly distributed, set in sleeves are smooth with no puckers. garment hangs well with no puckers or pulls, hem area is smooth with no puckers or stitches showing. WORKMANSHIP from the inside 30, interfacing and lining are of suitable type and weight.
lining and interfacing are attached correctly, stitching is of even length and tension. seam finish suits fabric and is neat, dart stitching tapers gradually. seams are trimmed and graded to reduce bulk, facings are flat smooth and do not roll to outside. curved seams lie flat without puckering, hem is of even width secure and well attached. DESIGN COLOUR AND MATERIALS 20, choice of design colour and materials shows.
creativity and individuality, up to date style suitable for intended use. fabric trims and notions are suited to intended use. ADVANCED JUDGING IDEAS, Senior members could take other factors into consideration such as . Cost of Construction Washing Instructions Care , cost of fabric notions easy to care for and easy to wear. time involved dry cleaning is costly, wearability of garment hand washing and ironing can be. time consuming, JUDGING CLOTHING, Sewing techniques have continued to improve This means that clothes can be.
sewn more quickly with less work involved on the inside The emphasis has. changed from a beautiful inside to a beautiful outside and a functional inside . This does not mean that the inside should be sloppy or unfinished . Some points to remember when judging clothing , be sure that the pattern suits the fabric and the intended wearer. decorative trim and notions should also suit the fabric and pattern. the style should be up to date and relatively easy to care for. the workmanship should also be of a high standard. JUDGING CROP SAMPLES,We grow cops for several purposes . o as seed for next year s crop, o as feed for livestock. o to process as food, The suitability of crops for each type of usage depends upon several factors By. judging crop samples you can learn to identify major differences in crop type and. to recognize high quality products , When judging seed samples keep in mind what the seed is used for to produce.
a vigorous even stand of plants which will give a high yield of good quality crop . If seed is to grow properly it must be uniform fully mature and free of damage. from weather insects diseases or machinery , mature kernels are plump and of normal colour. green or shriveled seed shows that the crop was not mature when harvested. moisture content should allow for safe storage,Machinery damage . shows up as cracked or broken kernels, over drying will turn grain from yellow to dark brown. Weather damage , reduces the length of time needed for the germination of the seed. sprouted kernels and bleached seed indicates damage. Insect damage , can be identified by holes in the seed and by the presence of flour like material.
in the sample , signs include moldy seeds discoloured seeds and the presence of sooty. looking spores black spots on the seed,Impurities . reduce the amount of good seed in the sample and cause difficulties in seeding. includes seeds from other crops straw chaff mud weeds or other foreign. COB CORN, PERFECT SCORE,MATURITY AND MOISTURE 30, all kernels should be completely dented. kernels shouldn t move when cob twisted, kernels should be dry and tight together. FREEDOM FROM DAMAGE 30, no bleached or discoloured kernels.
no rodent insect or mechanical damage, free from disease mold sooty spores . no sprouted kernels,UNIFORMITY 20, all kernels are same size and shape. moisture content is uniform for all cobs,DEVELOPMENT OF THE EAR 20. ears should be filled with kernels to the tip, ears should not be above average length. SEED SAMPLE, PERFECT SCORE,FREEDOM FROM DAMAGE 30.
no cracked broken or dark brown kernels, weather damage reduces chance of germination. no discolouration mold or sooty spores, no holes in seed or flour like material. FREEDOM FROM IMPURITIES 30, no foreign seeds straw weeds chaff mud. SIZE AND TEST WEIGHT 15, varies according to crop, low weight indicates damage or immaturity. UNIFORMITY 15, uniform size shape and colour,MATURITY AND PLUMPNESS 10.
mature kernels are plump with normal colour, no green or shriveled seeds correct moisture content. HAY AND HAYLAGE, PERFECT SCORE, HAY HAYLAGE,MATURITY 40 30. hay should be cut when legumes are in first, flower and grasses are in boot stage heads. just emerging , late cut hay is low in field value. early cut hay will produce low yields but be tasty. COLOUR ODOUR AND DISEASE 20 35, should retain a green colour.
hay should have a fresh smell, haylage should have a sharp sweet smell. musty burnt or rotten smells indicate poor, quality hay or haylage. discolouration is undesirable,LEAF TO STEM RATIO 20 0. much of the feed value is in the leaves, good quality hay will retain most of its leaves. MOISTURE AND CONDITION 0 15, moisture content should be 55 65 .
you should not be able to squeeze out water, very wet samples may rot in silo. should be free from mold or slime, if too dry haylage will lose nutrients and taste. LEGUME GRASS BALANCE 15 10, legumes are higher in protein than grasses. of similar maturity, for hay over 75 legumes is excellent. for haylage over 50 legumes is best,PURITY 5 10, foreign materials such as weeds or straw.
indicate a low feed value, SHEAVES, PERFECT SCORE. GENERAL APPEARANCE 20, Proportion 10 , comparison of head and body. Stance 10 , stands erect on self supporting stand. QUALITY 40, Heads of Grain 25 , size and uniformity of heads. freedom from disease and stains, bright colour, Straw 15 .
freedom from disease and stains, bright colour,MANUFACTURE 40. uniform and symmetrical in shape, straw should be straight with no twists. Decoration 10 , tight evenly spaced ribbon, colour complimentary to straw. BEAN AND CORN FIELDS, PERFECT SCORE, BEAN CORN,YIELD POTENTIAL 25 20. full seed pods or cobs, numerous pods per plant bean .
numerous cobs per stalk corn ,WEED CONTROL 20 20, good weed control evident. weeds should not restrict crop yield,FREEDOM FROM DAMAGE 20 20. no evidence of insect damage, no dicolourations, no blight or mold present. LODGING 10 20, lodging is plants falling over at roots. less than 2 lodging in a field is ideal,MATURITY DEVELOPMENT 10 15.
all plants at same stage of maturity bean , ear tips are full to end with kernels corn . well dented kernels corn ,HARVESTABILITY bean 10 0. all pods at even height for easy handling, low pods impede efficient harvesting. GENERAL APPEARANCE UNIFORMITY 5 5, uniform field throughout. no bare spots in field, plants are uniform in maturity.
GRAIN FIELDS, PERFECT SCORE, PURE MIXED,YIELD POTENTIAL 30 30. thick full stand of plants, large heads well filled. FREEDOM FROM DAMAGE 25 25, no holes in heads or stalks from insects. no evidence of disease, no smut rust blight or mildew. no chewed leaves or stems,FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN MATERIALS 25 20.
little evidence of weeks in field, only desired grains present in field. GENERAL APPEARANCE UNIFORMITY 10 15, uniform stand of plants. no bare spots in field, uniform in appearance, if mixed all grains are of compatible height. LODGING 10 10, no plants have fallen down at roots this is. called lodging , less than 2 of field is lodged, CORN SILAGE.
PERFECT SCORE,STAGE OF MATURITY 30, corn silage usually harvested when the grain. is at 45 moisture, kernels bright full and well dented. immature corn will contain kernels that are, soft milky flattened or undented. immature corn will produce moisture when squeezed. GRAIN CONTENT 25, grain content determines nutritional value. as much grain as possible is desirable, grain formation reduces moisture content of plant.
COLOUR 20, should retain natural yellow green to bright. olive green colour, discolouration indicates loss of feed value. from heating or rotting,ODOUR 20, clean pleasant odour. spoilage indicated by yeasty musty or, fruity odours. strong burnt or putrid odour is a sign of, severe spoilage.
IMPURITIES 5, weeds lower the feeding value of silage. FIELD STANDING HAY, PERFECT SCORE,YIELD POTENTIAL 25. full thick stand of plants, high number of plants per hectare. high legume count,FREEDOM FROM DAMAGE 20, no evidence of disease. no discolouration mold or rust, no evidence of insect damage.
no chewed leaves or stems, no plants fallen down lodging . WEED CONTROL 20, no weeds present in the field,STAGE OF MATURITY 20. legumes e g alfalfa in late bud stage, grasses e g timothy in first boot stage. LEAFINESS OF LEGUME 15, thin fine stem with many leaves is desirable.

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