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Contact Information,If you have questions contact, Fort Sam Houston Legal Office at 210 808 0169 or DSN 470 0169. Lackland Legal Office at 210 671 3365 or DSN 473 3365. Randolph Legal Office at 210 652 6781 or DSN 487 6781. AF Claims Service Center at 937 656 8044 DSN 986 8044 toll free 1 877 754 1212. or AFCSC JA us af mil, For Assistance on filing a claim with our Sister Services. Coast Guard USCG Finance Center https www fincen uscg mil hhg htm. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support CPCS www JAGCNet army mil Pclaims. Navy Claims forms on http www jag navy mil can be filed with OJAG Personnel Claims Unit. Norfolk PCUN Email norfolkclaims navy mil fax 757 440 6316 and 757 444 3337. Marines HQMC MFP 2 Claims Office Email HQMC CLAIMS USMC MIL FAX 703 432 2591. Mold Claims Checklist, This checklist will assist you in filing your claim against the Air Force for mold damage in the. dormitories, 1 Gather any documentation you may have assigning you to your current duty station PCS. orders and the dorms assignment paperwork, 2 If you re able to take photos of the damaged property for upload to your claim.
3 Go to https claims jag af mil to start your claim. Select File Non Household Goods Claim,Select I Already Have A Username and Password. Type in the following Do not copy and paste as it will error out. Username LACK2744,Password gg9g R87,Username and passwords are good for 60 days. Once you ve built your profile and answered some preliminary questions go to. the Upload tab and upload your photos under the Photograph folder Any docs assigning. you to your current duty station and the dorms should be uploaded Any other information you. believe might be relevant to your claim should also be uploaded. 4 Any items which can be cleaned e g clothing sheets electronics items with a hard surface. that can be wiped down such as jewelry or sunglasses must be cleaned If cleaning efforts aren t. successful then the item can be replaced If you cannot see inside the item and it is cloth or. porous e g a pillow you do NOT need to attempt to clean the item before requesting. replacement BUT take a photo of the item before disposal If you purchase special more. expensive detergent when attempting to clean moldy clothing save the receipt this can be part. of your claim For electronics take the item to an electronics store for cleaning repair and save. the receipt this can be part of your claim, 5 Any single item which costs more than 100 to replace must be substantiated. Substantiation can be in the form of a website screen shot or a scanned page of a catalog or sale. paper Please upload your substantiation to our website Like items can be grouped together. and even if the replacement cost for the grouped items exceeds 100 no substantiation is. required For example if you have 5 pair of jeans and the replacement cost for all 5 together is. 110 no substantiation is required However if you have 1 pair of jeans which costs more than. 100 then substantiation is required, 6 For those who may have private insurance which covers some or all of their loss in the dorms. must file with their private insurance carrier before filing with the Air Force. 7 If you have any questions please contact the Air Force Claims Service Center CSC at DSN. 986 8044 or 1 877 754 1212 or 937 656 8044 Monday thru Friday from 0730 1630 Eastern. Time Alternatively we can be reached at AFCSC JA us af mil. PERSONAL PROPERTY CLAIMS,Other Type of Claims,AIR FORCE CLAIMS SERVICE CENTER.
In an effort to provide the very best claims service to help you recover from damages. you recently suffered we provide you with these instructions Please take a moment to. read these instructions before filing your claim,TURNING IN YOUR CLAIM DOCUMENTS. CLAIM FILING TIME LIMIT You have 2 years from the date of. incident to file your claim A claim is not filed until it is received by the. Air Force Claims Service Center This time limit established by Congress. cannot be waived If you mail the claim make sure you allow plenty of. FILING YOUR CLAIM, 1 Electronically Log onto https claims jag af mil to get a user name you. must first log onto a government computer or contact us DSN 986 8044 or 1 877 754. 1212 to be authenticated, 2 Mailing your claim Send all required documents to AFCSC JAD 1940. Allbrook Drive Suite 500 Wright Patterson AFB OH 45433 Notice mailing your claim. 3 At the Legal Office Bring all required documentation to the legal office. for assistance with filing your claim,PRIVATE INSURANCE. If you have private insurance you will need to file with your private insurance prior to. filing with the Air Force,DOCUMENTS NEEDED PER CLAIM TYPE.
PROPERTY DAMAGE,1 PCS Orders 4 Repair Cost,2 DD Form 1842 5 Replacement Cost. 3 DD Form 1844 6 Claims Service Center Memo,7 Electronic Funds Transfer Form. MORE DOCUMENTATION NEEDED FOR PROPERTY CLAIMS, If available you may submit receipts or other evidence to substantiate the value of the. items being claimed,REPAIR ESTIMATES, Must be from a reputable firm in writing on business form or letterhead You may. also use the Yellow Pages headings such as Furniture Repair Refinishing or. Appliance Service Repair If an estimate appears excessive in relation to estimates we. normally receive for similar repairs you may be required to get a second estimate. Electronic items and computers You must submit a detailed repair estimate. You may include an estimate fee in a separate entry if it is not included in the total cost. of repairs or deducted when the work is accomplished. Electronic Repair Forms can be found at, https claims jag af mil legalassistance index php to assist you with obtaining useful.
repair estimates, SELF HELP REPAIR If you paid for dry cleaning you may claim the cost of dry. cleaning There is currently no provision for payment for the cost of your labor. Only one estimate is required it may contain multiple items. Shipping and Handling Pickup and Delivery and Sales Taxes can be claimed. Receipt of actual payment must be presented with claim. REPLACEMENT COST SUBSTANTIATION, Before replacement cost is allowed we must have documentation indicating that the item. cannot be repaired If the value is 100 00 or more we need written substantiation for. the current replacement cost of an identical or comparable item Substantiation may be. Price quotes from the Base Exchange BX Navy Exchange NEX or other. reputable firm or source Quotes from auction sites are not accepted You should first. check the BX local Exchange catalog or AAFES Home Page at www aafes com. Clipping photocopy of a page from a current catalog for an identical or. substantially similar item, Clipping photocopy of an advertisement from a newspaper or magazine Provide. the name and date of the newspaper or magazine with the clipping or page submitted. Electronics Cameras and Computers If your model is no longer made look for one. with similar comparable features Even top models of a few years ago can be replaced. with today s entry level models that have better features. INSPECTIONS, The claims office may need to inspect the damaged items in order to properly adjudicate. your claim Please be available for your scheduled appointment and have the damaged. goods ready for inspection DO NOT dispose of or repair any items without prior. approval by the Claims Service Center If you do not keep an item or you have an item. repaired before inspection you may not be paid for it Exceptions Items that pose a. safety or health hazard i e broken glass or repairs to essential items that otherwise could. not be used a refrigerator Check with the Air Force Claims Service Center for. permission to dispose or repair any property without an inspection. Mold items Once you have provided a photo you are not required to keep any. items for the Air Force claims process, To assist with the processing of your claim you may also take photographs of the items.
and their damages Please take a picture of the damaged area and the item as a whole. Photos of the items prior to the damage may also be submitted if available Digital. photos may be submitted at the time you upload your documents by email to. AFCSC JA wpafb af mil or mailed U S Postal Service to. Attn Claims Processing,1940 Allbrook Drive Suite 500. Wright Patterson AFB OH 45433, Please include your claim number the item name and line number for each item. DEPRECIATION, Under the claims statute you are paid the actual value of an item at the time of its loss or. the actual value of your used item Congress has mandated that items be depreciated. based on their type and age We have a joint Depreciation Guide which lists standard. depreciation rates for virtually all categories of property Let us know if you believe a. particular item should not depreciate at a normal level e g antique or collector s item. Depreciation is really not unfair The reality is that actual value is a fair measure of. what a claimant should be paid The actual value rule in effect does pay you. replacement cost it s just the replacement cost of a used item. FRAUDULENT CLAIMS, Fraudulent Claims The Air Force Claims Program is designed to put the claimant back. as close as possible to his or her pre move condition We cannot provide a betterment to. the claimant If it appears that all or even a portion of a claim may be fraudulent it may. be denied in whole Suspected fraudulent claims are normally referred for investigation. to the appropriate agency Any knowingly false statement made as part of a claim makes. it a fraudulent claim and a potential violation of federal law and the Uniform Code of. Military Justice,PAYMENT INFORMATION, Our goal is to process and settle your claim within 10 days from the date you submit your.
claim to our office After your claim has been processed a payment voucher will be sent. to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service DFAS and the amount awarded will be. electronically deposited in your account Everyone who does not have a direct deposit. account will need to fill out an Electronic Funds Transaction form which can be found. https claims jag af mil legalassistance index php, Required information on the Electronic Funds Transfer Worksheet Financial. Institution Information can be located at the bottom of your check or on your bank. QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, If at anytime during your claim you are in need of assistance we are here to help Please. feel free to contact the Air Force Claims Service Center at DSN 986 8044 or 1 877 754. ELECTRONIC REPAIR FORM, The Claims Service Center must determine whether internal damage to an electronic item was. caused by shipment Please complete this form to the best of your ability. 1 Repair Firm Name Address,2 Repair Firm Telephone Number. 3 Owner s Name,4 Item Examined,Model Year Manufactured.
5 There was was not external damage to this item, Description and location of new external damage is. Description and location of old external damage is. 6 I was was not able to determine the cause of any new external damage To the best of my. knowledge and belief the damage was caused by, 7 There was was not internal damage to this item Detailed description of internal damage is. 8 I was was not able to determine the cause of the internal damage To the best of my. knowledge and belief the damage was caused by, 9 Was the internal damage caused by shipment Circle one. a Definitely b Probably c Possibly d No e Can t tell. 10 The specific reasons for my conclusions regarding the internal damage are. 11 My experience as a repair technician is state years experience and area of experience. 12 I estimate the cost of repairing the internal damage is. Cleaning adjustments or other services, 13 Please list any charges which are not actually necessary to repair this item so that it properly. functions for example list charges for cleaning adjustment or other services which would not. be required except as periodic maintenance,Servicing charges not necessary.
14 If there is new external damage to this item that your firm can repair what are those charges. Exact nature of repairs,Total cost of external repairs. 15 If your repair firm is assigned the repair of this appliance will you deduct your estimate fee. from the total bill,a Yes b No c Estimate fee not charged. 16 Please Print Name,17 Signature,MEMORANDUM FOR CLAIMS SERVICE CENTER. I having submitted a claim to the United States Air Force under the Military. Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act MPCECA 31 U S C 3701 3721 for loss or damage to personal. property understand that my claim is subject to any and all recovery or compensation received from any other. source This means that I may not receive full compensation from both the Air Force under the MPCECA and. another person or organization for the same loss or damage I am aware of the following. If I have received sought or otherwise made a claim for compensation from another source for any item or. items contained in my PCA claim I must disclose that fact in writing to the claims office upon the filing. of my claim Another source of recovery includes but is not limited to the contractor who moved my. goods a negligent third party tortfeasor an insurance company or any other individual or entity that has. or will compensate me for my loss, If after filing my claim I receive compensation from another source for items that I have already received. compensation for under the PCA I must notify the Air Force I shall immediately give such notice in. writing to the claims office with which I initially filed my claim I understand that any sum collected from. the source may be deducted from any award I received from the Air Force. If I fail to notify the claims office of any payment or compensation consistent with the above I am subject. to criminal investigation and prosecution Further I understand that any such sum unlawfully retained will. be involuntarily collected by the Air Force, I the undersigned have read the above and am aware of both my obligations and the consequences of failing to.
ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER WORKSHEET, Complete the following information for payment via direct deposit. PAYEE INFORMATION,Name Last First Middle Initial,Physical Address. Social Security Number,Telephone Number DSN or Comm. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION INFORMATION,Street P O Box,City State Zip. 9 Digit Routing Number,bottom of check or bank website.
Depositor Account Number,bottom of check or bank website. Type of Account Checking Savings,Claimant Signature. PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT, The following information is provided to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 P L 93. 579 All information collected on this form is required under the provisions of 31 U S C. 3322 and 31 C F R 210 This information will be used by the Treasury Department to. transmit payment data by electronic means to vendor s or the individual s financial. institution Failure to provide the requested information may delay or prevent the receipt. of payments through the Automated Clearing House Payment System.

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