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Master of Business Administration,International Project Management IPM. Prof Dr Robert F Schmidt,President of the University. of Applied Sciences, In a global world with international markets it s not only the companies today. that have to face up to stiff competition Every individual who has to work with. international business partners or sees him herself in a managerial position in. an international business environment at a later date is dependent on extensi. ve management know how With the MBA program International Project Ma. nagement we have developed a new concept for this further education course. providing comprehensive professional social and methodological competence. in an international context thus improving your career prospects. In the meantime the MBA is often the decisive additional quali cation if you. want to assert yourself on the European or even international labor market. Therefore seize the opportunity to improve your skills while still being able to. dedicate yourself to your job Take advantage of this progam to help you work. your way up the corporate ladder We help you to achieve this with scienti cally. sound but always practically oriented lectures and with highly quali ed lectur. ers who have been especially selected in their eld of expertise. Study in a place where others spend their holidays. At Kempten University of,Applied Sciences in beautiful Allg u. Master of Business Administration,International Project Management IPM.
international projects and innovative information and commu. nication technologies are factors that are posing completely. new challenges for companies and their staff To deal with the. se challenges and to ensure long term corporate success re. quires managers who possess extensive management social. and personal competencies in an international context The. MBA program in International Project Management is desi. gned to enable executive personnel to use the methods and. tools to ful l the requirements they need to compete in the. project orientated business environment,International Project Management IPM. PROJECT MANAGEMENT, A special feature of the program International Project Ma. nagement is its symbiosis of management and Project Ma. nagement in an international and intercultural context The in. creasing dependency of the success of a company on projects. makes project management competencies to the key success. factor in the future The modern project manager as an en. trepreneur requires capabilities in the area of Project Manage. ment methodology information technology as well as leader. ship competencies These topics are extensively covered during. the project management modules in the program and will be. directly applied in real projects in the 4th term The course is. certi ed by the GPM German Association for Project Manage. ment e V with a Certi cate of Excellence which con rms that. the content of the course is in accordance with the rules and. guidelines of PM ZERT and the IPM Competence Baseline ICB. 2 0b of the International Project Management Association. Master of Business Administration,International Project Management IPM. GENERAL MANAGEMENT, The program follows a General Management approach It. covers all core business administration areas Accounting Eco. nomics Finance Human Resources Operations Management. Marketing Strategy and IT Management It provides an in. depth knowledge of modern management for non business. degree holders like engineers IT experts social sciences gra. duates doctors and lawyers You will be provided with the. know how in order to succeed in management positions by. understanding business issues and by applying state of the. art management tools,Master of Business Administration.
INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, All future management behaviour needs to be directed to. wards competing on the international markets Exporting high. quality goods and services is already one of the major pillars of. the German economy, The MBA program prepares you to communicate and work in. an international business environment This is done through a. variety of measures and activities, First the majority of courses have a special focus on interna. tional management After providing a general introduction to. the topic they explain how the different theories and tools are. relevant for managing international businesses, Second most courses are in English All candidates especially. those with medium levels of English language pro ciency im. prove their language skills dramatically during the program. Third there is a signi cant exposure to other cultures A course. about Cross Cultural Behavior is taught to prepare you for in. tercultural communication There are several international lec. turers in the program and students from different countries. Two major courses will be taught during the two week inter. national module which takes place at the University of Cape. Town in South Africa or at the California State University in Los. Angeles USA These modules offer you a unique experience. and an outstanding mixture of learning and intercultural en. counters in a fascinating environment,International Project Management IPM.
Master of Business Administration,BUSINESS MEDIATION. Certi ed Business Mediator FHK, As a special feature the course integrates a certi cation in Busi. ness Mediation Business Mediation is a process for resolving. disputes between stakeholders in a business As a trained me. diator you facilitate a conversation between the parties iden. tify the interests and critical needs of each party and help the. parties to develop acceptable solutions, Success as a project manager only partly consists of applying. functional and management knowledge To achieve the objec. tive of a successful and long lasting career a manager needs. to develop his social competencies and to grow his personali. ty The program offers highly valuable opportunities to achie. ve personal growth Personal and social competencies are co. vered in regular lectures like Cross Cultural Behavior Business. Communication and International Human Resources, To get the permission to the certi cation exams Certi ed Busi. ness Mediator FHK the participants have to choose electives. and take part in an additional seminar week in the 4th term. The integration of project management and Business Mediati. on in a MBA program is unique in Germany and contributes to. the problem solving and negotiation competence a project ma. nager requires in daily work,International Project Management IPM.
Master of Business Administration,International Project Management IPM. APPLICATION, The MBA program is an extremely practical and problem orien. ted course of study Course members already have experience. working in a wide range of different professions industries. and the methodology employed in teaching and learning re. ects the practical nature of the course e g case studies inter. active communication in small groups project work in teams. and cooperation with companies on speci c consulting tasks. The structure of the MBA course enables you to apply what. they have learnt to practical situations The transfer phases. back in the company offer course members the opportunity to. investigate whether aspects studied in the classroom can be. realised in their day to day professional life and to bring back. problems and questions to the next teaching block,.

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