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A Selected List of Library Resources on, Radio Television Internet A Century of Broadcasting Development. in the Hong Kong Public Libraries,Content Page,Introduction 2. II Electronic Resources,e Database,III Web Resources 22. Please check library catalogue for library locations and status. Introduction, With technological advances of mass communication broadcasting has. become popular since the 20th century The inventions of the radio and the. television have changed people s entertainment habits and the methods that. people receive information which enable broadcasting to become an. essential part of our daily life, Another great revolution for broadcasting is brought about by Internet.
Internet creates another communication platform for media and enables. people to receive information from media at anywhere and at anytime. through networks, With this resources list you can get to know more about the development of. broadcasting in recent centuries,2006 Report on development of China s. radio film and television 2006,557 768 5605,557 768 7402. China internet media,312 92 5622,Report on Chinese broadcasting development. 557 768 5605,541 8309 1746,992 91 6505,557 76 3014.
557 779 4040,Schramm Wilbur Lang 1907 1994,541 83 9207. 312 91 2222,784 71 8072,557 769391 0553,Report on development of Chongqing. television media 2006,557 778 2013, Public television development research in digital age crisis and. change of Japanese NHK 2013,557 77931 2214,557 779391 2141. 557 779 0783,890 9 7743,557 778 4417,557 77092 0571.
Book Connie Ledoux Digital television DTV and the consumer Ames. Iowa Blackwell 2004,Call Number 621 388 BOO,Broadcasting cable New York Cahners Pub Co 1993. Call Number 621 BRO, Brock Gerald W The second information revolution Cambridge Mass. Harvard University Press 2003,Call Number 384 BRO, Cyberpath to development in Asia issues and challenges Westport Conn. Praeger 2002,Call Number 301 243095 CYB, Dambacher P Digital broadcasting Stevenage Institution of Electrical. Engineers 1996,Call Number 621 384 DAM, Fantasy and horror a critical and historical guide to literature illustration.
film TV radio and the Internet Lanham Md Scarecrow Press. Call Number 809 93 FAN, Gorman Lyn Media and society in the twentieth century a historical. introduction Malden MA Blackwell Publishing 2003,Call Number 301 154 GOR. Grace Jeremy Information and communication technologies and. broad based development a partial review of the evidence. Washington D C World Bank 2004,Call Number 338 9 GRA. Ham Eldon L Broadcasting baseball a history of the national pastime on. radio and television Jefferson NC McFarland Company Inc. Publishers 2011,Call Number 070 449796357 HAM, Hasling John Fundamentals of radio broadcasting New York. McGraw Hill 1980,Call Number 384 54 HAS, Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong radio and cassette.
recorder industry and the Canadian market for radios and cassette. recorders Hong Kong The Council 1984,Call Number 331 7621384 HON. Hong Kong Trade Development Council The radio market in F R Germany. Hong Kong The Council 1983,Call Number 338 47621384136 HON. Hong Kong Trade Development Council The radio market in Italy Hong. Kong The Council 1979,Call Number 621 384136 HON, Hong Kong Trade Development Council The radio market in Sweden Hong. Kong The Council 1980,Call Number 621 384 HON, Hong Kong Colonial Secretariat Future of broadcasting in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Govt Printer 1956,Call Number 384 54095125 COL.
Mattern Joanne The radio the world tunes in New York PowerKids Press. Call Number 384 54 MAT, Nishimoto Mitoji The development of educational broadcasting in Japan. Tokyo Sophia University 1969,Call number 371 333 NIS. Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong RTHK 1997,Call Number 384 54095125 RAD. Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong,Radio Television Hong Kong 2007. Call Number 384 54095125 RAD,RTHK 70 years of broadcasting in Hong Kong Hong.
Kong Radio Television Hong Kong 1999,Call Number 352 9 RAD. Rudin Richard Broadcasting in the 21st century Basingstoke Palgrave. Macmillan 2011,Call Number 384 54 RUD, Rugh William A Arab mass media newspapers radio and television in. Arab politics Westport Conn Praeger 2004,Call Number 301 1540953 RUG. Social learning from broadcast television Cresskill N J Hampton Press. Call Number 301 154 SOC, Web studies rewiring media studies for the digital age London Arnold. Call Number 301 154 WEB, Yeang Chen Pang Probing the sky with radio waves from wireless.
technology to the development of atmospheric science Chicago. University of Chicago Press 2013,Call Number 538 767 YEA. II Electronic Resources,Radio management 2010,New media communications. Globalization and China,national TV culture security 2005. 2016 HyRead,2012 HyRead,2014 HyRead, Barnouw E Tube of plenty The evolution of American television New York. Oxford University Press 2014 ProQuest Ebook Central. Baughman James L Same Time Same Station Creating American Television. 1948 1961 Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Press 2009.

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