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rich client,SuppressWarnings unchecked,private Node createDataTable. StackPane dataTableBorder new StackPane,dataTableBorder getChildren add tableView. JAVA IN ACTION,dataTableBorder setPadding new Insets 8. dataTableBorder setStyle fx background color lightgray. tableView setItems controller getCustomers,tableView getColumns setAll. TableColumnBuilder Customer String create,text First Name.
cellValueFactory,new PropertyValueFactory Customer String rstName. prefWidth 204,TableColumnBuilder Customer String create. JavaFX text Last Name,cellValueFactory,new PropertyValueFactory Customer String lastName. prefWidth 204,Spring RestTemplate HTTP,TableColumnBuilder Customer String create. text Sign up Date,ObservableList cellValueFactory, Spring new PropertyValueFactory Customer String signupDate.
MVC prefWidth 351,CellFactory Label,JAX RS Web tableView setPrefHeight 500. return dataTableBorder,RestTemplate 1 Java,RestTemplate. ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013,rich client. CustomerAppCon guration Bean,RestTemplate restTemplate. RestTemplate restTemplate new RestTemplate,Customer ID.
restTemplate setMessageConverters,JAVA IN ACTION,getter setter. Collections HttpMessageConverter singletonList,new MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter. return restTemplate,RestTemplate,ObservableList,Spring Security. this customers setAll,Web Builder,RestTemplate Bean 1. ObservableList,customers 3,Spring Security,ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013.
rich client, public class LoginController implements DialogController. private AuthenticationManager authenticationManager. private ScreensCon guration screens,JAVA IN ACTION. private FXMLDialog dialog,public void setDialog FXMLDialog dialog. this dialog dialog, public LoginController ScreensCon guration screens. 3 this screens screens,Spring FXML Label header, AuthenticationManager login login FXML TextField username.
7 FXML TextField password,7 LoginController Spring FXML void login. AuthenticationManager Authentication authToken,new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken. username getText password getText,UI Spring AuthenticationException. AuthenticationManager,authenticationManager authenticate authToken. SecurityContextHolder getContext setAuthentication. Bean authToken,Spring catch AuthenticationException e.
8 header setText Login failure please try again, AuthenticationManager LDAP OAuth SAML header setTextFill Color DARKRED. fx id UI dialog close, Spring screens showScreen screens customerDataScreen. methodName JAR,ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013. rich client,SPRING Secured ROLE MANAGER,public void remove Customer customer. Inject Autowired Inject restTemplate delete,http localhost 8080 crm customer customer getId.
JAVA IN ACTION,DI customers remove customer,Named Component. Provider FactoryBean Provider,employee Spring DI,JSR 330 Spring. Guice Java EE 6,ComponentScan,DI Spring JSR 330 basePackages. JSR 330 steveonjava client,Spring Secured 2,1 javax inject spring context JSR 330. Remove UI JSR 330,pom xml UI,AccessDeniedException 1 ComponentScan blog.
Spring JavaCon g 1,1 Java Con g,basePackage,ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013. rich client, public class FXMLDialogProvider implements Provider Stage. Add Customer,private ApplicationContext applicationContext. Autowired Inject,private nal StageStyle style,JAVA IN ACTION. private nal URL fxml,Stage JSR 330, FXMLDialog public FXMLDialogProvider URL fxml StageStyle style.
JavaFX JavaFX Stage this style style,FXML Provider this fxml fxml. Stage root getScene FXMLDialogProvider Override,getWindow close public Stage get. FXML Stage dialog new Stage style, Spring FXML dialog initModality Modality WINDOW MODAL. JavaCon g 1 dialog initOwner CustomerApp getPrimaryStage. FXMLDialog try,FXMLLoader loader new FXMLLoader fxml. Spring JavaCon g,loader setControllerFactory,new Callback Class Object.
ScreensCon guration,public Object call Class aClass. return applicationContext getBean aClass,FXMLDialog Spring DI. start dialog setScene new Scene Parent loader load. TableView Named AnnotationCon gAp catch IOException e. JavaFX 2 plicationContext Spring throw new RuntimeException e. return dialog,applicationContext getBean,Spring injector getInstance blog. RestTemplate,ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013. rich client,Spring Security,JAVA IN ACTION,21 JAR Spring One of the most elevating things.
5MB in the world is to build up a,Spring community where you can hang. out with your geek friends educate,each other create values and. Spring give experience to you members,Csaba Toth,Nashville TN Java Users Group NJUG. LEARN MORE,Spring JavaFX in Spring 1,LEARN MORE,Stephen Chin. Spring Spring DI,Java EE 2 3,REST Jersey,ORACLE COM JAVAMAGAZINE MARCH APRIL 2013.

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